Are you Making the Most of your Group Classes?

Three Factors to consider when making your next group fitness class schedules.

As the new season approaches, so does the familiar task of creating the next group fitness class schedule. There are so many things to consider... what classes will make the cut? When will instructors be available? Which time slots will please every member? How will budget constraints limit new equipment purchases and licenses? etc..

With this daunting task looming over your head, you may think that copy and paste are your best friends, but do not let the ease of duplicating last season's schedule fool you. Before you hit the paste button, stop to consider these three factors to help optimize your schedule and drive more members into classes.

The Classes

Unlike the mundane work meetings and doctor’s appointments that make your members stressed, your group classes should provide a fun and energetic outlet where they look forward to going to.

If members do not like the classes you offer, they are not going to go. It is as simple as that.

To help drive members to classes, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends such as Barre, Yoga and Spin. However, bringing in new classes is not always the easiest task.

Many programs require specific licenses and/or equipment which can become expensive. Due to the additional costs, it is important to track class participation and determine if the time and money devoted to the class is worth it. Tracking class attendance provides you with valuable information to help identify the most popular classes and determine which will help produce the best results.

The Instructors

The importance of instructors can not be overlooked. They represent your brand and sometimes are the only part of your fitness center a member interacts with. They have to bring energy and intensity to excite members enough so they go and tell their friends about it!

This interactive experience is what separates going to your group fitness class from members doing Insanity in the living room by themselves. By tracking your instructors’ class attendance and retention rates you will be able to put your instructors in classes and times that find them, and your fitness center, the most success.

The Time Slots

It is important to establish a profile for your target market when creating a group fitness class schedule, or in this case - your members. You must first understand members’ lifestyle habits, such as when is it most convenient for them to exercise, before you are able to create a schedule targeted towards them. Referencing statistics such as daily “Check Ins” to reveal high traffic times of when your members enjoy coming to your facility.

Take the guessing game out of the equation. By tracking attendance categorized by gender, age and individual member return rates you are able to create a schedule around times most convenient to each specific member demographic.


To create a successful group fitness class schedule you must go through trial and error. By tracking attendance rates you reveal popular classes, effective instructors and convenient times for your members.

Software allows you to easily collect necessary data needed to identify where improvements for future schedules can be made. These adjustments can not only increase revenue but more importantly raise group fitness class attendance and member satisfaction.

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