Welcome to the fitDEGREE Ambassador Program

Welcome to the fitFAMILY! First and foremost I am so glad that you are interested in joining and taking on a little extra side hustle. My name is Dan Berger and my official title here at fitDEGREE is Mr. Personality. This is because I love working with people in the studio fitness community. I am also assuming you do too! What I hope to accomplish with you through the fitDEGREE Ambassador program is to create a win-win scenario that helps you earn some extra cash while operating in your existing industry and spread the word about what we do.

As you already know, fitDEGREE is business management software for the studio fitness industry. If you are thinking that sounds like MINDBODY then you would be right. Our goal is to replace them and give the studio fitness industry the alternative that they have been asking for.

What does this mean for you?

I want a happy and profitable partnership for my ambassadors and for fitDEGREE, so we’re going to reward you for every studio owner you bring into the fitFAMILY. You’ll get $100 for every person you recommend who becomes a customer. For every studio that you acquire as a customer you will get $100. No limits, no minimums, no catches - the more the merrier. Plus, after your first recommended studio becomes a customer you will also receive a fitDEGREE 5mm natural rubber with an anti-slip microfiber top yoga mat of your choice. Pick from two awesome designs!

Untitled design (5).png
Untitled design (6).png

The process:

● You will schedule a date for me to show you the software at your convenience.

● You will receive your own login credentials so that you could show anyone who is interested at any time, from any device.

● You will be given you own fitDEGREE ambassador business cards that have your info, my info and where to sign up for a demo so that you can get the appropriate credit for your referrals.

● All our new members get their first 30 days on the house, so as soon as your referral makes their first payment, we’ll send you your $100 via Paypal. Quick and easy.

And guess what? There are bonuses! On top of your $100 per referral payout, our top partners will be rewarded for their support when they hit the following benchmarks:

■ At 25 studios - additional $2,500

■ At 50 studios - additional $5,000

■ At 100 studios - additional $10,000

■ After 100, you earn $200 a studio for each studio you bring in.

Here’s what your referrals need to know

fitDEGREE is a studio management software designed for yoga studios. It is powerful, yet affordable and most of all, user friendly. When building fitDEGREE, they focused on three things:

  1. Creating software that is intuitive to use

  2. Offering a cost-efficient solution

  3. Providing a personalized customer service experience

Additional Benefits

● An in-house development team means fitDEGREE can listen to your customers requests faster and create a better software platform

● It costs less than most of the competition and will grandfather you in at these low prices when you sign up before March 31, 2019

● fitDEGREE is the only member management software that offers social features this will help you:

  • Increase class attendance and revenue

  • Increase retention of your members

  • Foster a better community