10 Amazing Yoga Poses + Wine Pairings You Need to Know

Where would we be without the two Millennial stereotypes of doing yoga and drinking lots of wine? Nowhere. That’s where. Because drunk yoga is now a thing offered at vineyards and studio venues all over the US.

Now we can combine two of our favorite things into a harmonious activity that leaves us feeling refreshed and a little tipsy. With that in mind, breathe in, breathe out, and sip on these 10 wine and pose pairings:

1. Mountain Pose + Merlot

When you’re standing tall on your mat, softening yourself yet ready to bring your best to the session, you need a wine that helps you get in the zone. Merlot means “little blackbird” in French, and like a little blackbird, you must stand tall and confidently perched on your mountain to prepare yourself for the yoga ahead. It’s a simple pose paired with America’s second-most popular red grape.

2. Tree Pose + Sauvignon Blanc

While getting into tree pose, you need a wine that will help you take root and align your chakras. Well, why not pair with a wine that’s often described as “grassy”? The Sauvage grape– which means “wild” in French––grew like weeds throughout the Bordeaux region of France. Sip on a crispy Sauvignon Blanc to ground your tree pose.

3. Warrior I + Pinot Grigio

Dipping into a lunge while reaching for the skies calls for a wine that refreshes and draws haters. Most people think Pinot Grigio originated in Italy, but it actually originated in France where it was known as Pinot Gris. With a reputation from wine snobs of being too basic and uninteresting, sipping it in warrior pose will give you all the more strength to fight off the haters.

4. Warrior II + Cabernet Sauvignon

Dipping further down and opening your chest into Warrior II means an even more serious wine pairing––you’re going to need something heavier, for sure. That’s why a hearty Cab Sav is in order. An accidental breeding in 17th century France between a Cabernet Franc grape and a Sauvignon Blanc grape created the most popular grape amongst American wine drinkers. This wine is full-bodied just like the Warrior II pose. Perfect for prepping you to push yourself to hold poses for longer.

5. Warrior III + Shiraz

Now it’s time to get real. Your Warrior III takes some real balance and strength. This calls for a wine whose name was changed from Syrah to Shiraz by the Australians after being brought over from France. This wine has some intense flavoring with a high amount of mouth-drying tannins. This wine is perfect for taking on the Warrior III, and you’ll definitely be feeling it after holding this pose.

6. Half Moon + Pinot Noir

When you’re really ready to challenge your equilibrium, a half moon pose paired with a Pinot Noir is absolutely the way to go. Pinot Noir is a rarer, romanticized wine with a cult following. Its depth of flavor will challenge your senses––perfect when leaning over to hold a half moon!

7. Reverse Warrior + Zinfandel

Alright, after the tensing of your muscles throughout the warrior and half moon poses, it’s time for some deep stretching to reground yourself. A shift in poses calls for a shift in wine––instead of grapes from France, we’re gonna sip on some grapes that were originally assumed to be from California, but were actually brought from Croatia. Lean into that burn of the Reverse Warrior pose and reach for a sip of that juicy Zinfandel. Get a little light and fruity.

8. Upward Facing Dog + Chenin Blanc

Pushing up from the earth and reaching your face toward the sky requires a wine as sweet as the pose. Chenin Blanc comes from the sweet white grapes of the Loire Valley in France and was made popular in the US by South Africa. South African Chenin Blanc has all sorts of tropical fruity flavors, making it the ideal wine for such a relaxing pose as upward facing dog.

9. Downward Facing Dog + Malbec

Transitioning out of upward dog to downward dog, you want to move on to a wine that’s super easy to drink. It’s not easy drinking upside down, after all! Malbec comes from France but was made popular by Argentina. It’s got a nice spice to it and it’s known by many as “the working man’s Merlot.” We’d definitely agree that you’re working harder in downward facing dog than you are in your Merlot mountain pose––so a Malbec is perfect here!

10. Corpse + Chardonnay

When it’s time to bring your yoga sesh to a close and you’re laying in corpse pose letting your body process the alcohol, you need a versatile wine that helps you cool down as you embrace being horizontal. Chardonnay grapes grow all over the world and there’s a Chardonnay for every season! Sipping a chilled glass of this sweet white wine in corpse pose will bring you inner peace––or at the very least, a delightful wine buzz.


Don’t drink and drive, but do drink wine and yoga. Get creative with your wine and pose pairings and let us know what you come up with! But uh, remember that you if you’re going to serve in your studio that you’re probably going to need a liquor license.

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