4 Reasons Your Members are Bouncing After Their Class Pass is Finished


You’re trying to get more students in your studio, so you sell class passes with a set number of classes upfront to try to lock down more regular members. The thought process is that after attending that set number of classes, the student will want to continue taking classes at your studio, right? They’re supposed to want to stick around after their class pass is used up to continue their yoga practice, right? But then–– they leave. We know this pattern all too well.

With fitDEGREE’s software, you can create digital punch cards with any number of classes you like to sell to customers. But just because you can make them and use them through an easy digital platform doesn’t mean they will convert people into consistent paying members. But whyyyyy?

There are several reasons why people don’t stick around after they use up their class passes, and we have the advice to help turn this trend around:

1. They Didn’t Feel Like a Part of the Studio

Americans spend $16 billion on yoga classes and equipment a year. There’s no shortage of interest or demand for yoga, so if you’re not tempting your class pass attendees to become members after a series of classes, there’s definitely an element missing to the service you’re providing.

It’s important to always keep in mind that your yoga studio is not even close to the only yoga studio in your area. We’re in is a yoga student’s market, not a studio owner’s market. So consider this: are you creating an experience that makes your students feel like they’re a part of the community? Are they getting a personalized experience that makes them feel good?

You are a part of your customer’s journey in yoga and how they remember your studio is based almost wholly on how you make them feel. So if you’re struggling to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand what they want out of your studio to keep coming back, think about how you want them to feel. Think about what story you want them to tell about your studio.

In studio fitness, it’s supposed to be intimate–– especially with yoga. Community vibes and studio experience are major factors to be aware of when you’re trying to convert and retain members. It’s all about the feelings you give your members.

2. They Don’t Feel Like They’ve Improved

Your yoga students are primarily motivated to come to your studio for one reason: to improve at yoga. Therefore your duty first and foremost as a studio owner should be to fulfill that motivation with the highest utmost quality of instruction. That, after all, is the value you got into business to provide.

If a student makes it all the way through their class pass and feels like they haven’t improved at your studio, there’s going to be a very slim chance they stick around. Even if you have great instructors following stellar lesson plans and sequences, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re providing students with the attentive guidance they need. In fact, 95% of fitness studio members say the instructor is a crucial element that keeps them coming back.

To ensure you’re providing the best instruction at your studio, you need to make sure your instructors know the goals of their students. Do they want to be able to touch their toes with a flat back? Do they want to hold a plank for a minute? Do they want to master balancing in an inverted pose? Whatever the goal may be, the easiest way to win over a long term member is by listening to and helping them achieve their individual goals in yoga.

3. They Were Never Asked to Come Back

This is the simplest way you’re missing out on conversions from class passes is that you’re not asking your students to come back. 60% of lapsed fitness studio members would consider rejoining. Simply asking them to rejoin, or even better ––staying in touch with them through emails, social media, text updates, and/or push notifications to stay top of mind presents an easy opportunity to both convert and retain members.

Through the fitDEGREE software, you can see how many punches a student with a class pass has left and can reach out and ask to sign up when they get close to the end of their pass. Being able to track the progress of a class pass will benefit you greatly in your timing to market to these students.

4. They Weren’t Fully Educated On Your Offerings

Some class pass students who are new to your studio may never return because they simply didn’t know you offered something they wanted. With 20% of American adults having a fitness club membership, it’s a mistake for you not to have a process in place for educating potential customers on all of your classes.

The last thing you want to do is lose out on converting a member from a class pass simply because they didn’t know you offered a niche kind of class they wanted to try, or they didn’t know you have a class at a time when their friends can atten. Make sure you educate your customer base throughout their class pass experience so they have a specific reason to stay at your studio once the class pass is finished.


Remember that the use of a class pass or a digital punch card is an important time for you to prove your value to your student. If you can provide quality instruction along with a personalized experience, you’re far more likely to retain a customer when their class pass is complete. Be thoughtful and consistent in educating your students and potential students about all your offerings, and always ask them to come back to your studio!

Nick DennisComment