8 Apps that Help You Live Healthier


One of the hardest parts about living in 2019 is how difficult it is to maintain healthy habits with all the distractions around us. The best part about living in a the era of technology is that you carry a smart device in your pocket that can help build and reinforce healthy habits.

We’ve compiled a list of apps that help you easily stick to healthier habits. I’ve compiled a list of eight of the best apps to keep you accountable to your health:

1. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

Tracking what you eat can be an extremely daunting task. It can be a real challenge to remember. This calorie counting app also tracks what you’re eating and encourages you toward eating a diet of less carbs and fats. This app helps you set reachable nutrition goals.

Available on: iOS & Android

2. ShopWell

Executing a nutrition plan is one of the hardest parts of getting healthier. ShopWell helps you pick out foods suitable to your diet. Not only does this make your grocery shopping easier and faster, but it removes some temptation to buy foods that you’re trying to avoid in your diet. It’s also actually proven that having a shopping list reduces excess spending. All you have to do is tell the app how you’re trying to eat and it’ll help you get the right foods.

Available on: iOS & Android

3. Headspace

Headspace is a popular meditation app that helps you build a habit of meditating. With a variety of meditations to choose from based on what you want to do (IE. sleep, relax, visualize, be grateful), Headspace will remind you to meditate every day without getting annoying. Meditation has proven to help your practice with yoga, give you less anxiety, and even improve your sex life.

Available on: iOS & Android

4. Runkeeper

As you can figure out based on the name, this is an app for tracking your runs. But it’s not just your run-of-the-mill run tracker. This app turns your running experience into a game that gives you rewards for building habits. It also gives you great feedback on each of your runs–– both quantifiable and un-quantifiable notes. As Runkeeper collects more data on your runs, you’ll get the full picture of how to improve your running workouts.

Available on: iOS & Android

5. Habitbull

Your health is your own, and so are your habits. Building healthy habits are proven to increase your longevity, boost your energy, and improve your mood. Sure, plenty of people want to build healthier habits around sleep or diet or exercise, but what about those personalized habits like skipping the beers at Happy Hour or to take the stairs instead of the elevator? Habitbull helps you track and keep you accountable to whatever habits you’re trying to build. The app turns it into a game and incentivizes you to not break your habits.

Available on: iOS & Android

6. Gain Fitness

Gain Fitness is a free personal trainer app with over 1,300 exercises that you are guided through with HD motion images and voice commands. You simply input your fitness goals and the app gives you workout routines that help you meet those goals using what equipment you have.

Available on: iOS

7. Cody

Exercising with a friend has been shown to help you lose more weight. This is a free fitness community app where you can learn and share new workouts with other users. You can meet people through this app and follow their workout progress, or invite your existing fitness friends and keep up with one another’s progress.

Available on: iOS

8. Strava

Strava is all about making you a better cyclist. This free app turns your cycle workouts into a game where you can interact with other cyclists and challenge them to rides. You can set goals, see the progress of your friends’ goals, and help them reach their goals too. You are rewarded for personal records with the “King,” “Queen,” or “Mountain” honors title.

Available on: iOS & Android


While technology may seem like a distraction to healthier habits, perhaps it’s just time for a shift in mindset! By using the best health apps out there, you can build and maintain a healthier life despite all the distractions the very same technology may bring. Make use of the awesome health tech out there!

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