Comparing the Features of Different Types of Yoga Studio Business Software

So you’re shopping around for yoga studio management software? We understand how confusing it can be when you get to the pricing and features page to run your eyes over a long list of features and decide what you really need. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you compare the features of the best software side-by-side, without the ridiculously long features lists. Here we review the top five software: MINDBODY, WellnessLiving, Zingfit, Glofox, and fitDEGREE.


The Basics

Scheduling, Registering, Payment Processing


  • Class appointment, workshop, and event scheduling system

  • Memberships and autopay billing

  • Retail point of sale

  • Credit card processing


  • Class scheduling and real-time appointment booking

  • Event/course/workshop management (for extra cost)

  • Asset management (for extra cost)

  • Credit card processing & point of sale system (for extra cost)


  • Customized scheduling and configured series packages

  • Mobile booking capability for customers

  • Point of sale system and online payments

  • Self sign-in kiosk (for extra cost)


  • Class and event scheduling

  • Payment processing

  • Social booking links (for extra cost)

  • Check-in kiosk app (for extra cost)


  • Class, one-on-one appointments, events, and workshop scheduling system

  • Check-in kiosk app

  • Payment processing and reliable POS system

  • Easy online booking, memberships, and passes

The Perks

Mobile Apps, Website Integration, Auto-Recurring Payments


  • No website integration, only branded responsive web widgets

  • No consumer mobile app– only a listing on the MINDBODY app and site (but you can pay much more for branded mobile app)

  • Business mobile app

  • Autopay billing


  • No website integration, only web widgets, and some third-party email, text, and Google integrations

  • No consumer mobile app– just client mobile website

  • Listing on WellnessLiving directory

  • Autopay billing


  • Website integration

  • Mobile optimized and integrated

  • Branded app with limited functionality depending on package

  • Autopay billing


  • Website integration

  • Member mobile app (for extra cost)

  • Business mobile app (for extra cost)

  • Autopay billing


  • Website integration

  • Branded member mobile app (for extra cost)

  • Business mobile app

  • Autopay billing

Bells & Whistles

Waitlist, Reminders, Notifications, Reporting


  • Waitlists and advanced online booking options

  • 2-way text notifications and reminders (for extra cost)

  • Client alerts

  • Basic reporting (up to 90 reports for extra cost)


  • Waitlists

  • Automated email reminders (customized for extra cost)

  • Automated text reminders (for extra cost)

  • Basic reporting (enhanced reporting and interactive graphs for extra cost)


  • Waitlists and auto-enroll features

  • Automated emails

  • No other automated reminders

  • Basic reporting (full reporting suite for extra cost)


  • Waitlists

  • Basic email and push message alerts (for extra cost)

  • Targeted email and push message alerts (for extra cost)

  • Basic reporting with graphs


  • Waitlists and intuitive scheduling

  • Automated reminders

  • Push notifications from mobile app

  • Visual, intuitive reporting with clickable graphs (including class attendance, user, revenue, and instructor earning reports)

The Future

Social Features, Engaging Members, Marketing Features


  • Automated email and text campaigns (for extra cost)

  • Customer referral program (for extra cost)

  • Automated customer feedback (for extra cost)


  • Social icons on business directory listing

  • Limited marketing and branding (for extra cost)

  • Email and text campaigns (for extra cost)


  • Social sharing (for extra cost)

  • Customer referral tools (for extra cost)

  • Automated email set up (MailChimp integrations for extra cost)


  • Retention tools (for extra cost)

  • Member/Community news (for extra cost)

  • Facebook and Instagram integration (for extra cost)


  • Social features that build community and incentivize referrals on consumer app

  • Announcement board to keep members informed and engaged

  • Sales funnel automation


We hope you find this guide helpful and informative. After all, you don’t need or want every feature a software solution offers, and similarly, sometimes you need features that a software solution doesn’t have. Let us know if this guide has helped you!

To learn more about the features fitDEGREE offers, visit our Solutions and Pricing pages.

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