Cost-Effective Ways to Boost Traffic at Your Fitness Studio

Teaser: Prioritize customer service, drive more referrals and gain exposure through partnerships

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As a fitness professional, you need to focus on impactful marketing that differentiates your studio and gets more people in the door. You already offer amazing classes with talented fitness instructors, but the most important part of running your business is getting people into your studio, providing excellent customer service and boosting traffic. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or offer steep discounts to boost your studio traffic. Although promotions are a great way to drive traffic and revenue quickly, discounting or giving away free classes or merchandise should be seasonal. There are so many cost-effective ways you can gain exposure and fill up those classes without discounting or paying a lot of money on advertising.

Ensure current clients are satisfied 

Your clients will keep coming back to class when they love your studio and you have earned their trust through top-notch customer service. Your happy customers will give you positive online reviews and also recommend your studio to their network through word of mouth. 

You should always be collecting honest feedback from your students and keep an open forum of communication. Collect surveys or have a feedback box in your studio where they are allowed to drop a note. The class instructors can ask your clients what they like about the class or where they see room for improvement. From the music choice to the flow of the class, what changes could be made to make the classes even better? 

When you collect feedback and adjust your fitness programs accordingly, you are offering outstanding customer service. Your satisfied clients will then be more inclined to give you a great review or rating online or through a third-party marketplace, which will organically bring more customers through your door. When you genuinely show interest in their health and fitness goals, they will also refer your studio to their friends and family.

Launch a referral program

Your current loyal customers are your best marketers. You can create an incentive for your students to formally refer a friend or family member, and then if their referral purchases a package, everyone can be rewarded with SWAG or a free class. You can also come up with ways to incentivize referrals through exclusivity such as early access to a new class or an invitation to an exclusive studio event.

The most important part about starting a referral program for your studio is making sure your members are aware you have one in place. Post the referral program on your social media, website and put up posters or infographics detailing the program inside your studio. 

Maximize your digital reach

It’s important to have a well-branded and easy-to-navigate website that includes studio class descriptions alongside inspiring pictures. Many people are searching for fitness studios online and an optimized website is important for your sales funnel. Once a potential customer visits your website you should have a very clear description of what type of classes you offer as well as an updated user-friendly class schedule and booking system. Make sure you have an intuitive portal for members to book classes, sign-up and make payments.

To boost online class bookings even more, you can add Q&As about your studio and how to prepare for a class to minimize doubts or hesitancies. In addition, you should have a clear way to communicate with your studio staff through a contact form, phone number or chatbox. 

You can encourage online bookings if you have customer reviews and testimonials on your website to inspire a new customer to book. If you want to add a promotion element for higher conversions, you can also have a timed pop up for a freebie or a slight package discount. 

Expand your community with a fitness marketplace

Becoming a partner in a fitness marketplace like ClassPass is a great way to gain even more exposure, gain valuable feedback from reviews, fill unused class spots and get new faces in the door. The fitness industry is a competitive market and many people look for diversity in their workout programs. This means that instead of committing to one fitness studio each month, many people book different workouts and find new studios through a fitness marketplace. With ClassPass, you’ll reach a tailored and targeted audience of fitness enthusiasts.

Cross-promote with like-minded businesses

Think about other local businesses with similar values and target customers in your area. Maybe there is a health food store or café nearby looking for marketing opportunities. You can leave your studio flyers or vouchers at their business and you do the same for them. Build out a cross-promotion with a local business such as “Buy five juices and get a free class trial at the studio next door”. Of course, you also need to openly promote the partner business and build a working partnership to boost traffic for each other. 

Think about other local businesses in your area where there is health-focused brand alignment for potential sponsorship opportunities. Some examples include another local fitness studio, a doctor’s office or fitness apparel stores. 

Get involved in your community and sponsor a charity event

Fundraising is an effective marketing strategy to increase brand exposure in your community while also raising money for a great cause. Fundraisers inspire participation from clients and their network, and you can also get sponsorship from other local businesses. 

You can organize a fun run 5K, host a unique a-thon like a dance-a-thon or throw a pop up fundraising event. During these fundraising events you can offer incentives to join a class at your studio to boost new customer traffic.  

There are many cost-effective ways to boost traffic at your fitness studio and fill up your weekly class schedule. Prioritize excellent customer service, join a high exposure fitness marketplace and stay active in your community alongside building partnerships and sponsorships.

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