How to Get Your Barre Certification

So, you’re interested in getting a barre certification. 

Note: This is different than a bar certification–– no law practice here. And it’s much different than a BAR®️ (Beverage Alcohol Resource) certification–– while we love our wine and yoga poses, we’re no mixologists. 

What we’re talking about is a barre certification–– where you are qualified to instruct the hybrid workout of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and strength training. 

Unlike the highly prestigious bar certification which follows rigid government requirements and also unlike the highly prestigious BAR®️  certification which is incredibly expensive and hard to get into training for, there are many different barre certifications out there and they aren’t all equal.

Barre certifications vary widely in time commitment, cost, location, and value proposition. Some are virtual, some are more intensive than others, and they all have different requirements for becoming certified. 

Because there is no standard when it comes to getting barre certificated, we have put together this guide for navigating the world of barre certification. This way you can make better decisions about the path you choose while being considerate of your intention, your budget, and your needs.

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1. The IBBFA Certification

The International Ballet Barre Fitness Association claims to offer a barre certification with the best and largest online program in the world. They even claim to be the “gold standard” for bare as they are internationally recognized. The major selling point is that it’s “self-paced,” because it’s online.

Time Commitment: 35-hour study course that must be completed in 6 months

Location: Anywhere – it’s online!

Cost: $497

2. Barre Above Certification

Barre Above claims to include everything you need to start teaching barre the day after you do your training. The teachings not only include how to teach barre, but how to structure your classes and teach progressions effectively. 

Time Commitment: 7-hour in-person training workshop

Location: Various workshops offered across the US and Canada

Cost: $269.99

3. Barre Intensity®️ Instructor Training & Certification

Barre Intensity®️ offers both in-person and online training that also includes a test out video. The technique they train specifically focuses on small isolated movements to burn and fatigue the muscles complemented with large ranges of motion to elevate the heart rate.

Time Commitment: 10-hour training, an average of 30 practice hours, and creating a test video –self-paced

Location: Online or In-person workshops across the US and other select countries

Cost: $395

4. American Barre Technique

American Barre Technique is an online certification that offers more advanced training courses once you’ve completed the basic barre instructor certification. This program is self-paced and has no deadlines.

Time Commitment: N/A if online, 2-day course if in-person

Location: Online or In-person workshops across the US

Cost: $299

5. SCW Barre Online Certification

SCW Fitness Education offers a barre certification program for Ballet Barre. The program includes a course manual, video material, an online exam, and a free live course.

Time Commitment: Reading 54-page manual, watching a 50-minute video, and taking an online exam

Location: Online and free live course happens at 9 annual conventions in different US cities

Cost: $199

6. Merrithew’s Total BarreTM Foundation Course

This is a one-day in-person course that claims to equip with you the skills to teach highly evolved barre classes in any setting. Note that this course comes with some barre knowledge prerequisites and is intended for people who already hold some sort of barre certification, although anyone who is interested is encouraged to sign up. There are even additional workshops that specify in pre and post-natal barre workouts.

Time Commitment: 7-hour in-person workshop

Location: Workshops across the US and Canada

Cost: $325 for Total BarreTM Foundation course, $55/hour for additional training workshops

7. Exhale Barre Certification

Exhale offers high-quality entry-level training through intensive in-person workshops. The cost is much higher than other certifications because the program is hands-on training with two master trainers– Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp.

Time Commitment: 40 hours of hands-on training

Location: Atlanta, Bermuda, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Hamptons, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York

Cost: $1,995

8. Zen Barre®️  Certification

Zen Barre®️  is nationally recognized and approved by the American Council on Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Athletics and Fitness Association of America, and Yoga Alliance. The intention of this certification program is to empower men and women with the opportunity to pursue a career in physical fitness based on a mind-body connecting practice.

Time Commitment: Self-paced but must submit an hour-long video of you teaching a class within 90 days of completing the course

Location: Online

Cost: $295


When it comes to barre certifications, there are no shortage of options. Choose which certification you pursue by first considering your career or business goals– this will help you determine the time and money investment you’re willing to put into barre and therefore which program will best suit you. 

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