Pricing Breakdowns of the 5 Best Yoga Studio Management Software Options

It’s hard to compare yoga studio management software pricing when all the packages are structured differently and all include their own laundry list of different features. Plus, there can be hidden fees that are software companies are not always upfront or transparent about.

We’ve put together a guide for the best five yoga studio management software to compare pricing breakdowns.



This is a cloud-based club management software capable of appointment scheduling for the needs of small to midsize businesses. MINDBODY is used by a variety of fitness and wealth niches including gyms, personal training centers, salons, spas, dance schools, and yoga studios.

Highlighted Features:

  • Scheduling with waitlist management

  • Appointment booking through Facebook

  • Automated scheduling of email, texts, and online bookings

  • Membership management– notifications and alerts, targeted marketing campaigns, etc.

  • Staff management– check-ins/check-outs, payroll management, calendar integration

Price Breakdown

MINDBODY has three software packages, priced monthly.

Essential Package – $129/month, includes:

  • MINDBODY app and web listing

  • Class and appointment scheduling

  • Retail point of sale

  • Limited reporting

  • One-on-one onboarding and 24-hour customer support

Accelerate Package – $239/month, includes Essential Package, plus:

  • Expanded reporting

  • Payroll integrations

  • Smart contact lists for email marketing

  • Appointment and waitlist confirmation texts

  • Email campaign builder and customizable templates

  • Room scheduling

  • Custom API integrations

Ultimate Package – $349/month, includes Accelerate Package, plus:

  • Expanded marketing analytics

  • Automated email and text marketing

  • Templated marketing automations

  • Email drip campaigns

  • Online review widget for your website

  • Automated referral program

  • Personalized, trackable phone number

  • Manage SMS text opt-ins

Note: MINDBODY’s software products come with a lot of hidden processing fees. For a side-by-side comparison between MINDBODY’s and fitDEGREE’s processing fees, check this out.

2. Zen Planner

This is a member management software for gyms, affiliate gyms, martial art schools, MMA schools, and fitness studios.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes integrated payment processing and automated billing

  • Member self-service

  • Both a member app and staff app for Android and iOS devices

  • Reporting and tracking

  • Scheduling, automations, attendance tracking, workout tracking, belt and skill tracking, site templates, and more

Pricing Breakdown

Zen Planner offers a sliding scale based on membership for the software only:

  • 0 to 50 members – $99/month

  • 51 to 100 members – $125/month

  • 101 to 250 members – $159/month

  • 251+ members – $193/month

Zen Planner offers larger packages that include the software, a website, and search engine marketing. These packages are priced on features and include mostly add-on marketing features.

Note: There may be hidden fees associated with POS and credit card processing.

3. Vagaro

This is a cloud-based business management software for salons, spas, and fitness studios.

Highlighted features:

  • Smart calendar scheduling for multiple staff, online booking,

  • Integrated solution to bookkeeping, payroll, client databases, and inventory management

  • Automated email marketing as well as email and text notifications to clients

  • Users can search for your facility and book appointments through web portal or mobile app

  • Both businesses and customers can create profile pages through Vagaro to connect with one another

  • Customizable reports with graphs and charts to track business performance

Pricing Breakdown

Vagaro offers a sliding scale for their software based on bookable staff who will use the calendar features.

  • Just you – $25/month

  • 2 staff – $35/month

  • 3 staff – $45/month

  • 4 staff – $55/month

  • 5 staff – $65/month

  • 6 staff – $75/month

  • 7+ staff – $85/month

Note: There are add-on features with additional costs as well as added costs for the POS and credit card processing.

4. WellnessLiving

This is a cloud-based business management system for wellness studios of all sizes.

Highlighted features:

  • Online booking, payments, class scheduling, and marketing management

  • Capability to send automated reminders to clients about class

  • Online store that enables users students to register, pay, and buy retail products

  • Automated marketing campaign features for emails and text

  • Mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS devices

Pricing Breakdown

WellnessLiving has four packages, priced monthly.

Starter Package – $39/month, includes:

  • Wellness Living Directory, Business Page

  • Reserve with Google, Google Reviews from the web

  • Unlimited clients, unlimited staff members

  • Class scheduling and real-time appointment booking

  • Business app

  • Basic reporting

  • Automated reminder emails

Standard Package – $99/month, includes Starter Package, plus:

  • No ads and a featured listing

  • Customer management

  • Custom branding

  • MailChimp/Constant Contact integration

  • POS and credit card processing

  • Enhanced reporting

Professional Package – $199/month, includes Standard Package, plus:

  • Payroll tracking

  • Integrated email and text marketing (500 texts)

  • Marketing automations and rewards/loyalty program

  • Embeddable widget tools

Enterprise Package – $599/month, includes Professional Package, plus:

  • Text marketing (1,000 texts)

  • SEO marketing

  • Dedicated support specialist

  • White label WellnessLiving

Note: There may be hidden fees associated with POS and credit card processing.

5. fitDEGREE

We are a cloud-based yoga and fitness studio management solution for small and midsize businesses that enables users to schedule classes, appointments, events, and workshops.

Highlighted features:

  • Scheduling similar to Google Calendar

  • Website integration so customers can sign up and pay directly from your website

  • Branded mobile app for customers and a business app for remote backend software use

  • Custom visual reporting with clickable graphs

  • Built-in social features to encourage referral marketing

Pricing Breakdown

fitDEGREE offers two simple, straightforward, and affordable packages created for small studio owners. These are priced monthly (with one month free if you pay annually).

Citta Package – $100/month, includes:

  • Personal Customer Service Rep

  • Kiosk/Check-In App

  • OnTheGo Business App

  • Retail system

  • Revenue reports, class attendance reports, user reports, and instructor earnings reports

  • Data conversion

  • Personal onboarding and training

  • Reliable POS system

  • Memberships, passes, and waivers

  • Class scheduling systems, one-on-one scheduling system, and series scheduling system

  • Website integration

  • Announcement board and social features

Ananda Package – $200/month, includes Citta Package, plus:

  • Branded Mobile App (One-time setup cost of $300)

Note the only processing or other fees:

  • 2.9% + $0.30 on ALL transactions

  • $20.00 fee for any chargeback/retrievals

Want to learn more about what fitDEGREE offers? Check out our FAQ page.

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