The Top 5 Benefits of Having Yoga Studio Management Software

Running any business is a huge undertaking and a yoga studio business is no different. There are classes to schedule and teach, attendance to track, client lists to manage, sales to track and manage, and a thousand other little tasks that need to be done.

If you run a relatively small yoga studio or you’re just starting out, it’s best to find the simplest and most inexpensive strategy to accomplish those tasks. But at the same time, you need to be able to anticipate growth. So instead of suffocating yourself with punch cards and paper files, it makes way more sense to use a yoga studio management software like fitDEGREE. It’s an affordable, intuitive, and efficient solution to managing your studio.

Here we will discuss the top five benefits to using studio management software like fitDEGREE, which can help you more easily maintain and grow your studio.


1. Automation!

It’s unlikely that you’re fond of working 50+ hour work weeks to manage the day to day tasks at your studio. Automation is the key to time management. The more tasks you automate, the more time you will save and be able to dedicate to tasks you’d rather be doing– like teaching yoga and growing your business.

Consider all of the time-consuming tasks on your to-do list that you’d love to no longer worry about. Studio management software can take many of those tasks off your plate, such as:

  • Class sign-up, registration, and waivers

  • Class scheduling and bookings

  • Studio check-in

  • Waiting lists and management of students who drop

  • Payments, sales, and retail

  • Customer communication– reminders, updates, and promotions

  • Studio reporting and analysis

Studio software can eliminate most, if not all, of the above tasks from your to-do list.

2. Integrations Galore

Keeping all of your data and information in multiple locations is not a wise or efficient way to run a business. Spreadsheets, paper files, multiple software– it’s too much juggling and too easy for mistakes to happen. That’s why it makes more sense to keep all of your information in one centralized location where you can apply multiple features.

A great cloud software service for studios makes it easy to update it simultaneously with your websites and other records. That means if you’re making changes to your class schedule on the back end, your website will reflect those changes on the frontend. You don’t have to remember to go manually to update the schedule on your website.

But the best quality software solutions go beyond just website integrations. Registration and secure payment processing can also be handled all in one location– making it easier on both you and your customers. Also, there’s no need to track payment information anywhere but in this one.

3. Better Communication with Members

Imagine how much better you could relate to your students if you had all your information about them in one place. Rather than relying on paper punch cards or passes for tracking student activity, you can have all their contact information, class attendance, classes remaining, referral history, and more all in one digital profile. So not only will you know exactly how active they’ve been, but you’ll be able to use that information to connect with them quicker.

fitDEGREE has a digital Announcement Board to keep members informed and engaged. You don’t have to worry about distributing information across multiple platforms because you can post news all on this Announcement Board feature, just like you would on Facebook. Your members will receive a push notification rather than a phone call, an email, and social media posts. You can keep them effectively informed without wasting time trying to reach out across multiple channels.

4. Smart Marketing Features

Just like it’s important to brand your studio in order to stand out in this crowded industry, it’s also important to have a branded digital presence. Studio software like fitDEGREE offers a branded mobile app that enables you to create an exceptional custom experience for your members without any distraction from local competition.

Plus, the social features create an experience that supports your growth and brand loyalty. By empowering your members to connect with one another and share their experience through the app, referral marketing becomes a breeze! It’s a social experience that drives attendance, community, and even brand advocates. But you’ll only find this specific feature in fitDEGREE software– there’s no other studio management software that has a comparable feature!

5. Intuitive Reporting

What’s your rate of member retention? How many of your students have had perfect attendance? What’s your revenue for this month? How much did each of your instructors earn? How many members clicked on that last email you sent out?

If you struggle to answer these questions and have to go to multiple sources to be able to report on your studio’s activity, you’re wasting valuable time. From instructor earnings to class attendance to revenue, reports in studio management software save you time from compiling data yourself. What’s even better is that with fitDEGREE, these reports are available as friendly, clickable graphs. Rather than endless spreadsheets with dense rows of data, you can clearly visualize your results to make sense of what’s working in your business!


With all the administrative tasks your business requires of you, you don’t have time to use old-school business management techniques. Ditch the paper files and punch cards, and invest in a software solution that not only makes your job easier as a business owner but sets you up for growth and future success.

You can try fitDEGREE software for just $1. Get started by scheduling your fitDEGREE orientation today!

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