Using Your Yoga Studio Business Software for Marketing

Let’s be real: you don’t have to tell people that yoga is worthwhile, you just have to convince them that your studio is worth going to. That means you need a stellar marketing plan to get your studio to stand out from the rest. Not all studio owners have an expert’s eye for marketing But it is an essential part of your business so having a software that can help will be a great boon.

That’s why one of the most important benefits of using yoga studio software for your business is the marketing aspect. Here’s how you can use your studio software for marketing.


Creating A Social Experience

Word-of-mouth referrals are the biggest source for new students for most yoga studios. Creating a social experience around your business is the best way to get people talking about your studio.

We all know that social media is a powerful marketing tool that you need to leverage to promote your studio. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are especially great social platforms for spreading awareness and getting your name out there, but also great for connecting and engaging with your students. But your studio software can make the social experience even better.

Your software should have social features that make referral marketing easier and empower your members to share their fitness experience directly through the app. fitDEGREE’s social features do just that but also allow users to make friends through the platform and see what classes their friends are attending.

It’s a unique social experience that creates community, drives attendance, and even creates brand advocates.

Direct Engagement With Members

Making sure all your members are informed and engaged can be challenging. There are so many different media options and your members’ attention is spread across many platforms. It can be a burden for you to distribute information across phone, email, and social media– plus your messages can easily get lost in the noise of media saturation.

Your studio software should enable you to communicate with your members directly to ensure the messaging reaches them and nothing slips through the cracks. Just one channel to keep your members informed simply and effectively.

fitDEGREE’s software solution gives you that one direct line of communication for your members to receive studio news. It’s called the Announcement Board feature– you post just like you would on Facebook and your members get a push notification to check your News Feed.

Website Integration

Sales is an important part of marketing and anything that can help drive sales makes sure that any of your marketing efforts won’t go to waste. Having a sales enabled schedule integrated into your website sure beats the heck out of a pdf any say of the week.

You need a website that shows off your studio in images and includes class schedules, sign-up, booking, and contact details. Having your class schedule and offerings on your website isn’t enough– your site also needs to be able to handle registration and payment processing. After all, the next studio is only one Google search away.

Your studio software should have website integration that empowers your users to be able to book and pay directly on your website. The easier the sign-up experience, the more likely you’ll pick up and retain new students.

fitDEGREE offers a website widget that makes your offerings clear to visitors with a secure payment portal so people can pay right on your website.

Visual Reporting to Best Inform Marketing Decisions

Your marketing strategy should be guided by statistics and reports. That’s why it’s great to be able to use your studio management software as a tool for tracking data. But what’s even more important is the capability to interpret those reports. Excel files and spreadsheets with rows upon rows of data simply don’t allow you to interpret the data.

Your software should also help you interpret those results so you can clearly make sense of what’s working in your business and what isn’t. fitDEGREE offers reports from class attendance to revenue as friendly, clickable graphs so you can visualize your results.

Branded Mobile App

If you’re using software to help connect with members, the software should help you promote your studio too– not the software itself. It should create an exceptional experience for your members without any distraction from local competition. After all, your mobile app should be about your studio!

fitDEGREE offers a unique opportunity to brand your mobile app so that customers recite your mantra.


Use your yoga studio business software not just to manage your studio, but marketing it too. Take your business to the next level with these tips. And when you’re ready to start using a software solution that brands and promotes your studio effortlessly, contact fitDEGREE.

Nick DennisComment