What We Love About the Yoga Studio Owner Life


Let’s be real, there’s a lot about the life of a studio owner that isn’t easy. It’s a difficult industry to be in–– high startup costs, very competitive, and a ton of hard work to be successful. But rather than sharing with you the usual hard-hitting truths you’re surely already aware of when it comes to studio ownership, we want to share with you what we love about the studio owner life.

Having a Supportive Staff

A warm and welcoming community of practicing yogis is key to success and you know this is pivotal to the success of your own studio business. Being a studio owner is a lot different than being a yoga teacher–– you oversee more than just your own classes every day. This means hiring a team of yoga teachers who can help you cover more classes, give you space for your business to grow, and most importantly, can help you build a community that sustains business in your studio.

Hiring the right staff who reflect well on your business is key to having a successful studio–– every one of your teachers is a piece of your brand. When you find experienced instructors who are both reliable and professional, you find that sweet spot between providing consistent, quality classes and growing your enrollment.


The flexibility of being a yoga studio owner not only means the flexibility you gained from your experience on the mat, but it also means you get to have flexible hours as your own boss. This is one of the major perks of entrepreneurship: it’s a lot of hard work, but you get to set the pace!

Plus, being a studio owner isn’t like other types of entrepreneurs. You’re not locked into working in an office space or in only one location. Being a studio owner doesn’t even necessarily mean teaching in a studio. You can teach classes in parks, in corporate office spaces, and even in your own home–– because owning a “studio” doesn’t have to mean owning a physical space to practice. When you have support from Studio Management Software like fitDEGREE, you can manage your classes, payments, and marketing wherever you’re teaching. After all, you deserve class management software that’s as flexible as you are!

The Opportunity for Continuous Learning

Beyond becoming a certified yoga teacher and having the qualification to teach in your own studio, it’s important to make a commitment to continue your yoga training throughout your journey as a studio owner. This practice will not only enhance the quality of your classes as the years go by, but it gives you the chance to commit to life-long learning in the industry.

Watching Your Studio Grow

It’s no secret that getting students to grow your studio is hard work. It’s your top priority and the only way you can offset overhead costs of running your business. Being able to prove to potential students in your area that your studio is the best and worth their investment means getting reviews and referrals to bolster your reputation (IE. Google, Yelp, and Facebook).

Remember the feelings you get from witnessing your own yoga practice grow? The same feelings come with the growth of your studio. When that hard work of impressing your first few students finally pays off, you’ll witness the ripple effect of providing quality service to a just a few brand advocates. This is possibly the most rewarding benefit as both a studio owner and an entrepreneur.

Being Your Own Inspiration

Being a yogi and being an entrepreneur are two very different skill-sets and when you take the skills you’ve learned on the mat into your studio office, you realize you have the potential to inspire yourself.

For example, you know how to breathe into the discomfort of an uncomfortable pose–– you can apply this skill as an entrepreneur and become comfortable with the growing pains of your business. Yoga has instilled resilience within you, and so does entrepreneurship.

Just like in yoga, you have to find balance: you have to take time to rest. You must create space for your own healing and humility in entrepreneurship. A well-balanced studio owner is truly a source of inspiration–– let that source be you!

You have it within you to apply your own skills on and off the mat–– you have it within you to be your own inspiration! And what’s not to love about that?


Don’t be discouraged by all the articles out there that are telling you how difficult it is to be a studio owner. You wouldn’t have gotten into this business unless you knew that already anyway. Sure, there are a lot of risks and a lot of reasons to be cautious in this industry. There is also a lot to love about the life of a studio owner. Don’t forget what motivated you to become a yogipreneur in the first place–– use this guide as a reminder when you start to lose touch with your vision.

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