Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost?

$100/month for Citta (Comparable to Mindbody’s Accelerate option at $239 per month)

$200/month for the Ananda plan (Comparable to Mindbody’s Ultimate option at $349 per month)

Find more information about pricing here.

What’s the difference between each plan?

Our Citta plan is where our customers find the most value. This plan has all of the above as well as a handful of added perks such as handling retail, reviewing key reports and … wait for it … A PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE REP! Yes, that is correct—you read that right! In a world where so many business relationships are being automated, we focus on making it personal. You will have contact info to your own personal rep whenever you are in need with the fitDEGREE software.

Our Ananda plan is for customers looking to take their branding to the next level. This plan has all the Citta plan has to offer as well as a Branded Mobile App. This can greatly help you separate yourself from the competition in the area by completely eliminating them to your other members. This way, your members can login to YOUR app instead of finding you through the many other studios in the area every time they register for a class.

What makes you different from other studio management software?

fitDEGREE has a lower price point than most studio management softwares on the market, and we’ve also got completely transparent processing fees. This means more money towards your bottom line.

Our software is newer, which means a better experience and more features.

Plus, fitDEGREE has exclusive social features that help get more members in your classes.

Why are studios switching to fitDEGREE?

Many studio owners are tired of software that is overpriced and continues to under deliver. Schedule a demo to see why people are raving about fitDEGREE.

How easy is it to transition from my current software to fitDEGREE?

We believe that change is necessary for growth, but we also understand that change can be difficult– especially when it involves your business. That’s why we make switching to fitDEGREE as simple as possible. Within 15 minutes of contacting with fitDEGREE, you will have the administrative portion of the software up and running with a fitSPOT location on our mobile app. We then take the next hour to help you walk through the system and to ensure you are comfortable setting up the essentials to run your business.

We offer FREE data migration from Mindbody so you won’t lose a thing as you make the transition to our software.

How does your reporting work and how does your reporting feature help make me more money?

Your stats breakdown by class, instructor, revenue, and user. It makes searching really easy and all of the reports are condensed.

Our revenue reporting can show you which groups are making you the most money, on which days and times, and who your most profitable customer is by gender, age, and ethnicity.

What does pricing look like for 1 studio, 5 studios, 15 studios?

Multi-fitSpot Management will be available for all of our packages. Pricing discounts will only be available for the Ananda package. Discount will be as follows:

  • Second fitSpot: $175

  • Third fitSpot: $150

  • Fourth fitSpot: $125

  • Fifth fitSpot: $100

If you have more than five fitSpots, we’d love to talk 😊

What do your transaction fees look like and are there any additional fees like with other software companies?

Our fees are very transparent and you will only be charged what the payment processor takes. We want to keep your costs down, so we don’t take anything. The fees are 2.75% + $0.30 on a card swipe (in studio) and 2.9% + $0.30 on a Credit Card Key in (think mobile app, website, etc.)

How do you handle automated discounts?

fitDEGREE has a tag-based discount system. Assign tags to members such as “military” and “Student” and then set what the discounts should be. Members with those tags will automatically receive the discount you set upon purchasing anything in the system.

How frequently do you payout the studio?

At the end of every day.

Do you have an app for my members? Does it handle payment processing and recurring monthly billing?

Yes, Yes and Yes!

Do you have an admin app similar to MINDBODY’s business app?

Yup! Look up “On The Go by fitDEGREE” You can view & edit your schedule, accept payments, view key stats, manage users and more!

Do you have a check in app for my front desk?

Yup! Look up “Kiosk by fitDEGREE”

Do you have website integration?

Yup, not only can your members view your schedule but they can also sign up for classes, pay and manage their accounts.

Do you integrate with ClassPass?

ClassPass integration is expected to begin April 15th

What (if any) other key integrations do you have, such as email integration?

Email as well as a few others such as Loyal Snap and Spa Finder are in our pipeline for September 2019.

How long does it take me to get setup on your system? If I wanted to switch today, how long would it take?

We can have you account created within 5 minutes of being on the phone. Now it’s about how fast YOU want to be setup. It takes most people about a week to get comfortable in the new system but if we put the pedal to the floor you could be up and running that afternoon.

How frequently do you push out new updates?

Updates and new features come out frequently, small updates come out every 2 to 4 weeks while major updates come out every 2 to 4 months.

Will my monthly price go up due to updates?

We’re dedicated to providing you with the best, most cost-effective solution out there, so we won’t raise your prices just because we keep your software up to date.

What is your customer support like?

Each customer support rep has their own dedicated accounts so that customers can receive reliable and consistent support from the same rep! Some of the most common channels our customers like to receive support through are; Facebook Messenger, Google hangouts, phone, email and more!

How long has fitDEGREE been around for?

fitDEGREE has been in business for about 3 years.

What if I want to talk to other people using it?

That’s no problem! Here are some of our customers that would love to talk to you! Click the logo and contact them through the website to ask about fitDEGREE!