What’s the cost?

$50/month for our Namaste plan, $100/month for Citta, and $200/month for the Ananda plan. Find more information about pricing here.

What’s the difference between each plan?

Our Namaste plan can be thought of as the essentials to run your yoga business. You will have the ability to create your schedule, manage memberships & passes and handle all POS transactions. You will also have access to key reports such as revenue, class attendance and instructor earnings.

Our Citta plan is where our customers find the most value. This plan has all of the above as well as a handful of added perks such as handling retail, reviewing key reports and … wait for it … A PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE REP! Yes, that is correct—you read that right! In a world where so many business relationships are being automated, we focus on making it personal. You will have contact info to your own personal rep whenever you are in need with the fitDEGREE software.

Our Ananda plan is for customers looking to take their branding to the next level. This plan has all the Citta plan has to offer as well as a Branded Mobile App. This can greatly help you separate yourself from the competition in the area by completely eliminating them to your other members. This way, your members can login to YOUR app instead of finding you through the many other studios in the area every time they register for a class.

How does your reporting work and how does your reporting feature help make me more money?

Your stats breakdown by class, instructor, revenue, and user. It makes searching really easy and all of the reports are condensed.

Our revenue reporting can show you which groups are making you the most money, on which days and times, and who your most profitable customer is by gender, age, and ethnicity.

How easy is it to transition from my current software to fitDEGREE?

We believe that change is necessary for growth, but we also understand that change can be difficult– especially when it involves your business. That’s why we make switching to fitDEGREE as simple as possible. Within 15 minutes of contacting with fitDEGREE, you will have the administrative portion of the software up and running with a fitSPOT location on our mobile app. We then take the next hour to help you walk through the system and to ensure you are comfortable setting up the essentials to run your business.

Do you integrate with ClassPass?

Not yet, but we’re working on it!