The fitFam Experience


Switching made simple.

Our data-converting system allows you to bring over vital user and business information from your current software completely hassle free. We’ll even email your current members an email to get everyone started off right.

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Setup that requires you to do nothing.

Getting started with a new software—no matter how awesome it is—can be daunting. So we're going to handle it for you. Sit back, enjoy a cool beverage and a good corpse pose. fitDEGREE is going to do all the heavy lifting, and in 48 hours, you'll be ready to go.


Partners that keep you safe.

We value you. We value your security. We value your privacy. And so, we’ve partnered up with brands you can trust—AWS, Twilio, Payrix—to keep your studio running safely and efficiently.

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Your very own personal care rep

Once a company reaches a certain size, it can be tough to get the support you truly need. Hours of waiting on hold, chat bots that redirect you to blog posts—wouldn’t you just rather talk to a human? Well with fitDEGREE there’s one human assigned to you, and you can reach them directly via email anytime you need help.


Want some more features? We’ve got you covered.

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