Our Mission. 

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fitDEGREE is a socially-driven studio management software designed specifically for boutique fitness. It is powerful, yet affordable and most of all, user friendly. By using the newest technology platforms, we seek to provide the best user experience for both the studio owners and their members at an affordable price.

When building fitDEGREE, we focused on three things:

  1. Creating business software that was simple yet powerful

  2. Offering a cost-efficient solution

  3. Providing a personalized customer service experience


Our Story.

In August of 2014 Nick Dennis was a lifeguard at the Rowan University Campus Rec Center, and for a staff training week the ice breaker he was asked “What can we do to help people get into the rec center?” Nick’s first thought was, “Get them a fitness partner.”

The concept that community and accountability could get people into the gym transformed into an idea for an app when Nick’s roommate didn’t have an idea for his senior project in computer science and asked Nick to pitch the class. The first person to hop on board was co-founder, Daniel Read, and while he wanted to work on this project, he ripped Nick’s idea to shreds.

As they worked to uncomplicate the main functionality behind Nick’s app, the co-founders’ love for whiteboards was born.

A math major by trade and a competitor at heart, Nick was encouraged to join Rowan’s business plan competition. He went to all the workshops hosted by the school. He started early and finished late. Nick was incredibly prepared, and it showed. Nick and his app won first place and $7,500. Before he left the scene, he was approached by one of the judges who asked him, “Why haven’t you applied to the Rowan Innovation Venture Fund yet?”

With Daniel’s help, Nick prepared a pitch within one week and with one semester left in college, the two had been given funding for their new startup.

And then the real work began.

The pair realized that money goes quickly when you’re building an app, and building a business to consumer app increased their challenges. While feedback from students on campus was overwhelmingly positive, the actual launch didn’t go as planned. Nick and Dan’s shiny new technology was lovingly branded the “Tinder for fitness” and students simply weren’t interested in using it.

So they started at the beginning. “What do rec centers need to get people in their programs?”

Well, most rec centers were managing registration all with pencil and paper at the time and needed a way to upload classes to admin system, sign up people for classes on the app, announcements, and events.

While working on these new features, Nick and Daniel started looking for brand ambassadors on campus. That’s where they found Dan Berger, who would be instrumental in showing the app to the right people and launching its progress forward.

The guys crushed their first sales cycle with campus rec departments, and then something unexpected happened: Nick was introduced to some yoga studio owners who expressed frustration with their member management software. It was clunky and expensive. The customer service was terrible. They wanted something better but had limited options.

Light bulb moment.

All the functionality being developed for campus recreation programs was actually PERFECT for these yoga studio owners, but their need was greater. With a few tweaks and extra features, this campus rec application evolved into fitDEGREE.

In 2018, the app underwent a serious iteration in preparation for its launch into the studio fitness industry. With several programmers and a new marketing director on board, fitDEGREE is positioned to provide the enlightened studio owner exactly what they need: an app that’s simple to use, highly efficient, and customer care that’s unparalleled in the industry.

Our Team.

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Nick Dennis

(Team Dad, a.k.a. CEO)

Nick Dennis graduated with a BS in Mathematics at Rowan University and obtained a strong background in logic and critical thinking. With these skills he decided to pursue the route of an entrepreneur, someone that lives to find problems and seek solutions.

Nick is a genuine, down to earth person that is intensely passionate about his crafts. By day, he keeps fitDEGREE moving forward and in his free time, he enjoys lifting the heavy things and teaching others how to do the same.

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Daniel Read

(The Builder, a.k.a. Lead Developer)

Dan Read graduated with a BS in Computer Science at Rowan University. Throughout his college years, he comprised a strong focus on software development ranging from computer applications, video games, mobile apps and web apps.

College wasn’t when Daniel started programming though. Daniel has been programming since he was 8 years old after he decided (like any rational 8 year old) that playing the game Zelda is only so much compared to building it!

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Dan Berger

(Mr. Personality, a.k.a. Business Development)

Dan Berger graduated with a BS in Marketing at Rowan University and was best known for “personal selling” his professors into extended deadlines and better grades. With these acquired skills, Dan understands what it takes to build trust in a relationship - active listening and clear communication.

Dan has a huge personality and is able to hold a conversation with almost anybody. In his free time, you’ll find him out on the “pitch” either coaching or playing his favorite sport, rugby.

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Shauna Armitage

Marketing Mama Bear, a.k.a. Marketing Director

Shauna Armitage is a growth consultant for startups and small businesses working closely with brand leaders to strategize for impact while guiding them on execution and accountability. She acts as a part-time CMO for brands looking to scale, such as fitDEGREE.

When she’s not actively building amazing brands, Shauna is raising four tenacious kids with her husband Brian.