Episode 40 - Gymnazo

Michael Hughes embodies an individual whose calling is to help others recover and live actively but as a “B” student, he fell just short of grad school acceptance. Michael continued his education however he could and opened Gymnazo in a Californian college town. Michael’s performance training was superb and when he added recovery specific programs to the menu, Gymnazo exploded into a 7 figure business. Michael is with us today to talk about how introducing restoration services double his business in the last few years.

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Episode 39 - The Blueprint

Tiffany Fleeman, owner of Workhorse Fitness and Yoga. Like many eventual owners Tiffany was an instructor, then ran her own home business and eventually said “hey why not open up my dream studio?” so she made the transition from a lone ranger to a team leader which is more than just working with people. Tiffany is going to talk with us about the importance of documentation, managing expectations and communication within the business to be successful. 

Instagram: @Workhorsefitnessyoga

Website: www.workhorsefitnessandyoga.com

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Episode 38 - The Blueprint

Ashley Hanna is the owner of Titanium yoga and although her studio is Titanium, her ear is gold! Titanium yoga is the only yoga studio in a very affluent part of Florida with an aging population. This isn’t by mistake either. Ashley found “her studio’s people” by diving into her  demographic, listening to their needs and ultimately creating the perfect space for her community. Today she is going to talk to us about how she did it and how you can too.

Instagram: @Titaniumyoga

Website: www.titaniumyoga.com

Best way to reach them: info@titaniumyoga.com

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Episode 37 - Rapid Expansion With a Plan

Amanda Goolsby is the founder of Aligned Success through which she supports CEO’s and their leadership teams in implementing EOS. EOS is a business operating system designed to grow and scale your business with a track record to prove it. Amanda was a key player in the rapid expansion of Orange Theory fitness and helped open over 50 locations. Her 15 years experience in the fitness industry combined with the innovative EOS system is a gold mine of knowledge for any business owner looking to level up.

Instagram: @amandagoolsbycoaching

Website: https://www.amandagoolsby.com/

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Episode 36 - Getting More Through The Door

Stacy Tuschl is the founder of the Foot traffic formula. This is a method designed specifically for local businesses to increase the amount of people walking in the door. Along with creating this method Stacy is also a best selling author, Professional speaker and owner of multiple 7 figure business. Stacy is with us today to talk about ways you can increase foot traffic through your studio.

Instagram: @stacytuschl

Website: https://stacytuschl.com/

Best way to reach them: www.foottrafficformula.com

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Episode 35 - Do it for the Gram

Elle Ross is the owner of B-fit fitness, a personal and online personal training business in atlanta georgia. Elle has utilized social media, specifically instagram, to greatly increase her clientele in person as well as online. She joins us today to tell other owners how to begin stepping up their social media game and get better results.

Instagram: @theelleross

Website: https://www.theelleross.com/

Best way to reach them: info@theelleross.com

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Episode 34 - It’s not a job, It’s your why

Hye Jin Kalgaonkar was a corporate sales manager who, at the request of her family, agreed to play it safe and got an amazing corporate job. After years of practicing yoga Hye Jin couldn’t resist her calling and saw a void to be filled by bringing yoga to her community. Over the next 6 years Hye Jin had to shift her mind set away from working at a job to owning a business and it is this shift that has allowed her studio, The Hot Room, to not only succeed but to thrive.

Instagram: @thehotroomyoga


Best way to reach them: info@e2yogaandfitness.com

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Episode 33 - How different is different?

Hanna Potraz, one of the founders of E2 yoga and fitness has a full fledged fitness studio with yoga incorporated into everything that she does. Not just yoga movements but concepts of balance and breathing as well. Hanna is going to share how true differentiation brought her a very specific type of client naturally and helped her grow E2 yoga and fitness.

Instagram: @e2_yoga_and_fitness_mequon

Website: https://e2yogaandfitness.com/

Best way to reach them: through the website!

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Episode 32 - Culture of Success

Katie and Scott Michel are the Franchisor of Orange shoe fitness and owner of a few of the locations personally. With its colorful, and I say this with air quotes “brainwash” branding Orange shoe has grown to a 10 location franchise in the midwest with no plans on stopping. Katie and Scott tell us about that journey and surely drop a few golden nuggets of knowledge for anyone else looking to franchise.

Instagram: @orangeshoepersonalfitness

Website: https://www.orangeshoe.com/

Best way to reach them: https://www.orangeshoe.com/PersonalTrainingFranchise/Studio

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Episode 31 - Forever a Student, Always a Leader

Ashley Keefe Is the owner of Modo Yoga waterloo and focuses extensively on leadership training within her studio. This allows her studio of 10 years to continually grow and evolve due to the professional development of her staff. Ashley is here with us today to talk about the importance of leadership and how it can help to grow even the most tried and true studios.

Instagram: @ashleytkeefe

Website: http://ashleykeefe.com/

Best way to reach her: https://ashleykeefe.com/contact/ 

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Episode 30 - Master Your Space

Ginny Colorusso is the founder and owner of AMP yoga. Ginny offers yoga, acupuncture, holistic arts and massage in her studio in addition to her specialties which include reiki and past life regression. Ginny is maximizing what goes on in her space and is going to talk with us about introducing new modalities to your studio to increase revenue.

Instagram: @ginnycyoga

Website: https://www.ampyogastudio.com/

Best way to reach her: info@ampyogastudio.com

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Episode 29 - ABC... Get Me On TV!

Lisa Simone Richards is a publicist for studio fitness business owners who want to be seen as an expert in their field. Lisa regularly appears on national TV segments and works directly with editors for magazine features. She is no stranger on how to boost your PR, In fact she’s quite the expert and she is going to share the ABC’s of Publicity.

Instagram: @lisasimonerichards

Website: https://www.lisasimonerichards.com/

Best way to reach her: Her website!

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Episode 28 - Tapping the Well, a Really Big Well

Jack Thomas was a coach with a range of certifications from crossfit to Spartan race GX to Nutrition but he decided the life of just a coach was not for him. Jack moved from the UK to Thailand to get in on the untapped group fitness market in Asia and opened his studio Base. He now has three thriving locations and also host a popular podcast “Fitness Business Asia Podcast”.

Instagram: @jacktbase

Website: https://basebangkok.com/

Best way to reach him: jack@basebangkok.com

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Episode 27 - Master the Mind, Make the Money

Angela Anderson owned a busy and successful studio but quickly felt  that the path to success was also the path away from her personal life. Torn, Angela began to evaluate her mindset and how she approached her business challenges. Using the PSYCH-K mindset coaching system that Angela learned directly from the founder she was able to balance her life and eventually transitioned to becoming a certified coach herself.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angela_anderson_108/

Website: http://angelaanderson.life/

Best way to reach her: angela@angelaanderson.life

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Episode 26 - The Difference is In the Details

Jeff Becker is the Co-founder of powerhouse hoops in Phoenix Arizona which is a nationally recognized basketball academy. Jeff strives to teach his players skills and life lessons that apply on and off of the court, a concept that many yoga and other studio fitness business do as well. Jeff is with us today to discuss the importance of developing the character of his students and how that has helped him to grow his business.

Jeff is also a newly published author, be sure to check out his book co-author, with his father, Tender Lions: Building the Vital Relationship Between Father and Son.

Instagram: @Powerhousehoops

Website: https://powerhousehoops.com/

Best way to reach him: jbecker@powerhousehoops.com

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Episode 25 - Community Counts

Leslie Ferierra began working as a salsa instructor at 3rd Street Dance in 2006 and in 2014 took the leap from employee to owner. Since then she has been building her dream in the form of  community and art. Regardless of age, background or skill, 3rd street dance empowers Leslies community with the art of dance and she’s going to share how she does it.

Instagram: @itsleslieferreira

Website: https://www.thirdstreetdance.com/

Best way to reach her: shesgotmoxy@gmail.com

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Episode 24 - Playing the Long Game

Angie Zak, after dominating her own fitness journey, decided she wanted to help others do the same. Although a full time gig as a social worker keeps her busy, Angie still opened Powerhouse Fitness Center and Yoga Studio. Balancing two businesses is no easy feat and Angie is going to talk to us about how she works smart and efficiently to keep herself from burning out.

Instagram: @azak1306

Website: https://www.facebook.com/powerhousefitnesscenterandyogastudio/

Best way to reach her: mrs.bruggman@gmail.com

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Episode 23- The Step of Confidence

Amelia Nesbit is the owner of Body Rock Dance Space, a dance studio for adults of all levels of who want to feel sexy and alive. Dance is an exciting form of fitness that Amelia wants to make available to everyone. For many, taking a dance class means stepping out of a comfort zone and ultimately into her studio. Amelia is going to talk with us about how she helps her members take that step.  

Instagram: @amelianesbit

Website: http://www.bodyrockdancespace.com/

Best way to reach her: amelia.nesbit@gmail.com

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Episode 22- Being Loud In the Industry

Mike Arce is the Founder/CEO of Loud Rumor, an agency that’s served over 1,000 fitness studios throughout the world. After spending 7 years in the fitness industry himself, Mike started an ad agency in 2009, and in 2016 he began exclusively working with fitness studios and wellness companies. Mike is also the host of top fitness business podcast, The GSD Show, top entrepreneur podcast, The GOAT Show, and of a top fitness studio business conference, GSDCON.

Instagram: @mikearcelive

Website: https://www.loudrumor.com/

Best way to reach him: Feel free to contact anyone at the Loud Rumor team!

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Episode 21- State of Mind = State of Being

Our Guest today is Brittany Welk, Co-owner of Lady strong fitness. Brittany wanted to do something a little different in providing a women’s only fitness space and has had great success in building a community early on. Brittany understand like many of us, that starting a business with limited resources is tough but she has some great advice on how to feel less overwhelmed, be more productive each day and feel great doing it.

Instagram: @brittwelk

Website: https://ladystrongfitness.com/

Best way to reach her: brittany@ladystrongfitness.com

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