10 Tips Towards A Successful Studio with Natalie Vargas

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

10 Tips Towards A Successful Studio with Natalie Vargas

This episode tells the story of how Natalie Vargas, owner of Peace Love Yoga Studios, went from investing her tax return in herself and teaching five classes a week to running a six-figure business and owning two studios. (Yup, it’s a doozy.)

Natalie Vargas began her career in retail, moving quickly into managerial positions for a few major brands where she learned how to serve and lead others. She was introduced to yoga while working with Lululemon in 2011 and never looked back. Coming from a hardworking, entrepreneurial family, it wasn't long before she envisioned inviting others to learn and play in her hometown yoga studio.

Natalie shares the top ten things that worked for her in building a profitable studio:

  1. Set up a funnel that would work best for your business.
  2. Have seven sources of income aside from group classes and massage.
  3. Build a strong community by organizing events that will allow your customers to mingle and get to know each other more.
  4. Spend money to have a clean studio.
  5. You must pay well if you want to have amazing teachers on your team.
  6. Have someone to build your business a professional website and make sure that your social media accounts are active and consistent.
  7. Do extensive research when it comes to hiring the right teachers.
  8. Make your registration convenient and accessible to your members.
  9. Focus on a specific niche in order to target your ideal demographics.
  10. Give back to your community and work with organizations that support you and organizations that you want to support.

Here are the key parts of our interview that you won’t want to miss:

→ [1:21] How working in retail has helped Natalie learn the fundamentals of the business mindset, customer service, and the importance of your employees.

→ [3:26] Natalie shares how she fell in love with her first yoga power class how it changed her life.

→ [4:50] Natalie goes into detail about her ten tips for having a successful fitness studio. (A must-listen if you're an entrepreneur who wants to scale your business effectively!)

→ [5:15] The importance of having a clear sales funnel in your business model.

→ [8:01] Natalie talks about why you should have multiple sources of revenue in your studio and offer different types of services.

→ [11:17] These are the questions Natalie asks her customers to get feedback and deepen the relationship with them.

→ [15:23] How Natalie uses social media to have a strong digital presence and create a consistent persona.

→ [19:29] How Natalie gets more clients by having a specific niche and focuses on selling to them.

→ [24:33] Natalie works with different organizations to give back to the community and has a stronger support system because of it.


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