Being Unique Will Help You Succeed with Hannah Potraz

March 26, 2021

March 26, 2021

Being Unique Will Help You Succeed with Hannah Potraz

Hannah Potraz is a kickboxing, Bootcamp, barre and group strength instructor. She has been personal training since she was 21 and has always had a passion for improving the lives of others through fitness.

As one of the founders of E2 Yoga and Fitness, Hannah has a full-fledged fitness studio with yoga incorporated into everything that she does. Not simply yoga movements, but concepts of balance and breathing as well.

Hannah shares how the E2 Yoga and Fitness “prescription method” helps their customers to achieve great results:

  1. At E2 Hannah created balanced workout routines that gradually improve your range of motion, strength, and endurance.
  2. Every “prescription” is based on the specific needs of their clients to ensure that no injuries will happen and at the same time, improve clients’ health conditions.

Hannah’s unique idea will help you realize how you can turn your passion into something profitable!

In this special episode with Hannah, you'll learn:

→ [1:41] How Hannah, along with her mother, created a totally different concept of a fitness studio where customers can get one-on-one care within a small group setting while focusing on a holistic approach and without paying expensive training costs.

→ [4:47] Barefoot lifting? Barefoot kickboxing? Hannah explains the many kinds of surfaces you can find in their studio that allow everyone to do their workout without any shoes on.

→ [7:12] How important balance is in their concept and the fitness prescription style they're using, which is tailored-fit to the needs of each customer. (Their method is brilliant and getting significant results!)

→ [11:18] Hannah talks about the E2 way of attracting clients effectively, maintaining a high retention rate, and having a low turnover rate on their trial membership.

→ [19:07] How Hannah found her passion for helping people who are experiencing painful body movements to recover through tried and tested methods.

→ [23:16] How she was able to increase their price structure by realizing their value and knowing that they have the ability to make a change in their members' fitness journey.

→ [25:43] For those who are figuring out how to find their target clients are, here is Hannah's golden nugget advice that will help you understand that you don't have to fight for people that don't have the same values as you. (If you listen to nothing else in Hannah’s episode, listen to this!)


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