Boosting Your PR with Lisa Simone Richards

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Boosting Your PR with Lisa Simone Richards

Lisa Simone Richards is a publicist for studio fitness business owners who want to be seen as an expert in their field. Lisa regularly appears on national TV segments and works directly with editors for magazine features. She is no stranger to how to boost your PR. In fact, she’s quite the expert.

In this week’s podcast episode, Lisa shares the five-step formula in publicity helps businesses generate media coverage. She calls these the 5 Ps and ABCs. The 5Ps are:

  1. Pick your perfect client.
  2. Position yourself as the solution. 
  3. Pick your platforms.
  4. Pitch for publicity.
  5. Publicize for profit.

The ABC’s of Public Relations are:

A - Awareness

B - Building buzz

C - Credibility

In this special episode with Lisa, you’ll hear:

→ [1:45] Lisa relates how she started working with her passion in public relations and how she further developed her skillset from that point onwards.

→ [8:09] Lisa shares how she handles a client customizing the optimized service she can provide. 

→ [9:55] Lisa mentions that the initial part of public relations is usually a struggle. She then shares her back story and personal experiences when she was starting with her career. 

→ [12:55] Lisa goes into detail on the first of the five Ps: Pick your perfect client.

→ [13:42] Positioning yourself as the solution.

→ [14:12] Pick your platforms.

→ [14:16] Pitch for publicity.

→ [15:55] Lisa shares how she capitalizes on social networking—Instagram in particular—as part of public relations. 

→ [17:13] Publicity for profit. 

→ [17:53] Lisa says we should have a “sales as service” mindset in public relations. 

→ [19:12] Lisa advises listeners that they can begin acquiring knowledge about public relations by watching webinars and listening to podcasts.

→ [19:39] The A in the ABC of Public Relation is mentioned here: Awareness.

→ [20:24] The B in the ABC of Public Relation is mentioned here: Building buzz. 

→ [21:52] The C in the ABC of Public Relation is mentioned here: Credibility.


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