Branding Before Building with Angela Muzic

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Branding Before Building with Angela Muzic

Angela Muzic has trained every type of athlete from snowboarders to Olympic-style weightlifters in her journey to open Barre Rhythm fitness, a studio that incorporates core exercises and techniques from yoga, pilates, ballet, and barre workouts.

Before having her own studio, Angela built a brand and reputation as a traveling instructor until she was ready to open her own brick and mortar location.

Angela’s advice for those who are looking to open a studio or a gym or their own little fitness center:

  1. Establish your brand first by excelling at what you do. Get certifications and the right experience by teaching classes and learning the process.
  2. If you don’t have a capital yet, look for studios or gyms where you can offer to teach and save money while doing what you love.

In this special episode with Angela, you'll hear:

→ [1:35] How Angela ended up in being a sought-after personal trainer working with athletes through their recovery process and finally starting her own fitness brand in 2012.

→ [5:45] How Angela discovered barre and realized that it was one of the hardest classes she had ever taken!

→ [7:45 ] Her journey as a traveling Barre Rhythm trainer until she had enough money to open her own physical space.

→ [13:36] Angela points out how important it is to be learning new things every day, to be humble, and open to new experiences.

→ [17:36] Angela talks about how some local fitness studios accept trainers even if they don't have the proper credentials to teach and why this is terrifying. (There is a very specific science on how the body works!)

→ [20:40] How you can filter all the information out there about fitness by not being afraid to ask your trainer or the studio owner about their credentials and find something that really works for you.


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