Community Counts with Leslie Ferreira

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Community Counts with Leslie Ferreira

Leslie Ferreira began working as a salsa instructor at 3rd Street Dance in 2006 and in 2014, took the leap from employee to owner. Since then, she has been building her dream in the form of community and art. 3rd Street Dance empowers Leslie's community and she's going to share how she does it.

The journey looked a little like this: Leslie’s decided to retire and offered to sell Leslie 3rd Street Dance. Leslie accepted the offer and acquired the studio and learned the ropes of managing the business. She capitalized on developing systems that automate predictable and repeatable tasks to make her work more efficient.

In this special episode with Leslie, you'll hear:

→ [2:00] Leslie shares how she acquired her studio from her former boss who was retiring at the time.  

→ [7:05] Leslie talks about the value of automating her work. 

→ [8:15] Leslie talks about Salsa! (Salsa is a Latin partner dance that attracts couples of all ages and, by extension, their families and friends! Talk about a great way to build community….) 

→ [11:15] Leslie talks studio location: 3rd Street Dance is located is in the heart of a business district where doctors and nurses want to dance as a form of stress relief and fitness.

→ [15:35] Leslie shares her experience in meeting and managing different people who come to her studio to learn to dance.

→ [17:55] Leslie tells how she shifts and rotate partners during her dance classes so her students develop a rapport with other students and to develop their self-confidence in dancing.

→ [19:15] Leslie shares why her students appreciate how she teaches Salsa. 

→ [21:00] Leslie explains why she teaches connection in her dance classes and not the moves or the patterns. 


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