Creating a Collaborative Yoga Community with Bridget Riepl

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Creating a Collaborative Yoga Community with Bridget Riepl

Today’s episode is a must-listen if you’re thinking about starting your journey as a yoga teacher or going through a major change in life. Juggling her time as a lawyer, wife, mother, content creator and experienced yoga teacher, Bridget Riepl is conquering the wellness world. We can definitely learn a thing or two from her about having a work-life balance while creating a positive impact on the community!

Bridget is the founder of both VibeWell and the NJ Yoga Collective. The NJ Yoga Collective is a resource for empowerment through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, karma, food and deep thoughts.

VibeWell Yoga Festival is an amazing gathering of yogis and business people to discuss, practice and meditate. A festival where people will have the opportunity to come together no matter where they are in their practice or where they are in life.

Together these two organizations Bridget has created have brought about a whole new yoga ecosystem in New Jersey that promotes growth and the love of mindful practice. 

Bridget started the New Jersey Yoga Collective for two big reasons:

  1. To create a collaborative community where every member can contribute, not just be a platform for discovering events or studios
  2. To focus on creating meaningful connections so people walk away feeling inspired

In this special episode with Bridget, you'll learn:

→ [4:00] How Bridget transitioned from being a lawyer to being the inspirational yogi that she is now. She shares about her first thought about how she was “not fit” to become a yoga teacher. Her story will change the way you think about pursuing your passion.

→ [8:02] How Bridget came up with the idea of establishing NJ Yoga Collective, a community to provide suggestions for practice, educate readers and showcase a carefully curated collection of local experts finding balance in their lives and pursuing their dreams.

→ [14:00] Bridget talks about the frustration she experienced because of limited choices for studio software that truly provides solution for studio owners and how happy she is when she finally found out about fitDEGREE. This will give you another reason to partner with us!

→ [15:00] More reasons why Bridget loves and choose fitDEGREE. She’s excited that fitDEGREE has a social aspect which is what she is striving for in her business as well.

→ [18:10] Bridget shares the scary and exciting journey of starting NJ Yoga Collective and the biggest lesson she learned about being an entrepreneur. The importance of seeing, evaluating and understanding your mistake.

→ [22:06] Bridget discussed the purpose of NJ Yoga Collective and how it has evolved from just being an events platform to a collaborative, supportive community where every member has a voice.

→ [28:30] Bridget’s process of sifting out all the applications and figuring out the best speakers and events to bring to the community every year.

→ [30:45] The amazing piece of advice that Bridget shares for all aspiring entrepreneurs that will save you time and help you with your business.


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