Culture of Success with Katie and Scott Michel

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Culture of Success with Katie and Scott Michel

Katie and Scott Michel have owned the Fitchburg location of Orange Shoe since 2007 and decided to purchase the franchising system from founder Joshua Martin. With its colorful “brainwash” branding, Orange Shoe has grown to a 10-location franchise in the Midwest with no plans on stopping. Katie and Scott tell us about that journey and drop a few golden nuggets of knowledge for anyone else looking to franchise.

They share how they managed to grow their business by:

  1. Supporting their team members and partnering with them when they decided to open a franchise of Orange Shoe.
  2. Training and focusing on the people in their business so as to grow and transition them from being an employee to being a successful franchise owner.

This podcast episode showcases the success story of Katie and Scott Michel. It will inspire you to never give up no matter what you’re working on right now!

In this special episode with Katie and Scott, you'll learn:

→ [1:25] Katie shares that she and Scott never had plans to become a franchisee. They just started as personal trainers. But their passion for helping people is what eventually started them on the idea of acquiring a franchise.   

→ [3:20] Katie shares how she and Scott acquired their first franchise after 18 months of being trained as trainers.

→ [3:40] 10 years after acquiring their first franchise, Katie and Scott acquired the holdings company of Orange Shoe. By 2020, they aim to grow to 12 franchise units.

→ [5:30] Katie and Scott each walk the hosts through their personal backstories before they started with Orange Shoes.

→ [10:14] Scott highlights what makes Orange Shoe stand out from other fitness brands. (You won’t want to miss this!)

→ [17:50] Katie shares the finer context of what she and Scott did managing their franchise from the ground up.

→ [22:29] Scott expresses their plan to open 2-3 more locations by 2020 and how they ensure potential business owners are enabled to run their franchise successfully by considerable assessments and having them observe how the business ess is being handled on a daily basis for several months. This shows each franchisee how to have the right perspective and show them how to successfully manage the franchise.   


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