Episode 21- State of Mind = State of Being


Our Guest today is Brittany Welk, Co-owner of Lady strong fitness. Brittany wanted to do something a little different in providing a women’s only fitness space and has had great success in building a community early on. Brittany understand like many of us, that starting a business with limited resources is tough but she has some great advice on how to feel less overwhelmed, be more productive each day and feel great doing it.

Instagram: @brittwelk

Website: https://ladystrongfitness.com/

Best way to reach her: brittany@ladystrongfitness.com

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Host - Dan:                                 What's happening everyone, and welcome back to another episode of the fitDEGREE podcast. I'm Dan Berger, accompanied by Nick Dennis, and we are your host and co-host for the show.

Host - Dan:                                 Our guest today is Brittany Welk, co-owner of LadyStrong Fitness. Brittany wanted to do something a little different in providing a womens-only fitness base. It has had great success in building a community early on. Brittany understands, like many of us, that starting a business with limited resources is tough, but she has some great advice on how to feel less overwhelmed, be more productive each day, and feel great doing it.

Host - Dan:                                 Welcome to the show Brittany, I'm so glad you can join us. How are you today?

Host - Dan:                                 All right, so Brittany, LadyStrong Fitness-

Brittany:                                      Yes.

Host - Dan:                                 Tell us a little bit about it. I don't know where the story starts, so I'm going to let you pick exactly where to begin, and kind of we'll roll with the punches and take it from there.

Brittany:                                      Sounds good. So actually LadyStrong Fitness started as Midwest Performance back in June of 2016. Marciea is a former professional MMA fighter/personal trainer/entrepreneur, and her and I were both living in South Dakota back in 2016. She moved back to Illinois where she's originally from then to pursue her fighting career, and I kind of followed suit. We both had gyms in South Dakota, we sold both of our facilities, and picked up and kind of just moved here. We didn't start our gym til about a year after we moved. We were like, kind of had that, "Oh, do we really want to do this? It's so much work?" You know like-

Host - Dan:                                 Well for our viewers who don't know, who is Marciea?

Brittany:                                      Oh, Marciea is my business partner/my fiancee, actually, my life partner as well.

Host - Dan:                                 Fantastic.

Brittany:                                      And so we do this thing together, this thing called life, and this thing called business, together, so-

Support - Nick:                         I like the life partner.

Brittany:                                      Yeah. So we actually started with a 12-week program. We were just renting a small space in the MMA gym that she was training at. We were just like, "Let's give it a shot. We'll see if this 12-week program works." We ran some ads, we did a program, and we got about 25 people in, 25 people, the majority of them were women. We only had one guy, and the only reason that he did it, bless his heart, his name is Chris, and bless his heart, and the only reason he did it is because his fiancee was doing it and they were getting married, so he was kind of moral support. So we did that for 12 weeks, and after the 12 weeks was over, all the girls were like, "You guys should start a gym, like you guys should have your own spot." And we were like, "Oh god, it's just so much work to have your own space, and do we really want to go down this road?" And we're like, "Screw it, we'll just do it." So in August of 2016, we found a spot, a brick and mortar, and we had a grand opening in October of 2016 as Midwest Performance. So in December of 2017 we opened a space about double and a half the size that we had had before-

Host - Dan:                                 Well that's exciting.

Brittany:                                      And we've been ever since. We just rebranded at the beginning of this year to LadyStrong Fitness.

Support - Nick:                         Oh, okay.

Brittany:                                      And that's were we are. So here we are, and three years, three a half years strong, and just moving along.

Support - Nick:                         Three and a half years LadyStrong.

Host - Dan:                                 Three and a half years, awesome.

Brittany:                                      Yeah, LadyStrong. Yes

Host - Dan:                                 So was Midwest Performance a ladies only, and then that carried over?

Brittany:                                      Yes. Yes.

Host - Dan:                                 Okay.

Brittany:                                      It's always been women only. We, you know, as a business owner you know you have the niche down, and you have to kind of find what works for you, and obviously it's scary because you're cutting off 50% of the market but it's-

Host - Dan:                                 But are you?

Brittany:                                      Right, but are you? I mean really, honestly?

Support - Nick:                         You have a more dedicated group.

Brittany:                                      Yeah, and I think, you know, men are part of the market, but they're a different piece of the pie. I feel like women are the... When you think of weight loss and health and fitness, you think of women, like you don't think of a lot of guys out there that are... You know, there are a lot, but you don't hear about it as often as you hear about women doing weight loss.

Support - Nick:                         I can agree with that, I mean it's a niche fitness.

Brittany:                                      It is.

Support - Nick:                         It has niche goals.

Brittany:                                      Yes.

Support - Nick:                         You're targeting towards it. I mean when we talk about, with a lot of people, we just had the guy Daniel Nyiri he did a really good job-

Brittany:                                      Oh, yes.

Support - Nick:                         ... of outlining, who's you're customer? Don't think about a hundred, think about one. Think about that one person you want to walk in the door. If you see that as a woman that wants to lose weight, I mean, why even open it up, if anything, just double down on your niche.

Brittany:                                      Right. And this is the thing, the thing about with us is, that we have found is, we try to focus on more than just weight loss because we have found through the three years we've been in business, we've really found that women, the demographic that we target is much different than you're typical like female looking to lose weight.

Support - Nick:                         Right.

Brittany:                                      The girls that we have coming in are really the ones who get lost in the shuffle at the local box gym, who are too scared to walk into a crossfit gym and just don't have the body awareness or the skills to actually even pick up a barbell, who walk into an Orangetheory and go, "There's no way that I keep up with all these people that are running on treadmills."

Host - Dan:                                 Yeah, sure.

Brittany:                                      They come to us because they don't feel intimidated, they want the extra help, they need the guidance and the support of somebody actually holding their hands and walking them through the first 30, 60, 90 days of a weight loss journey, and that's essentially what we do, we empower them to create possibilities for their life beyond just losing weight. We want them to have more confidence in themselves and their abilities, and we want them to know that nobody will ever be able to tell them no, unless they allow them to tell them no. And so it's kind of a women's empowerment/weight loss sphere.

Support - Nick:                         I was just going to say, that kind of goes into your why behind this-

Brittany:                                      Yeah.

Support - Nick:                         They're not coming in just to lose weight, there's a lot more.

Host - Dan:                                 And just strictly from a fitness perspective, that's so important to have a clean and solid start. So many people will go in not knowing what they're supposed to do, and build terrible habits, build terrible body mechanics, and hopefully, but not, but it's still possible, may even hurt themselves early on. I mean-

Brittany:                                      Yes.

Host - Dan:                                 ... I was in my gym the other day, and I saw this kid, couldn't have been more than, your, you know, couldn't have weighed more than 80... scratch that, like 60 pounds, maybe 12 years old, and he's trying to squat on a Smith machine, and he's essentially doing squatting, good... you know, just had no idea what was going on, and I stopped and talked to him, just helped him out a little bit, but I think most importantly now, he just needed to know it's okay to ask people for help that-

Brittany:                                      Right.

Host - Dan:                                 ... people at the gym aren't going to look at him and be like, "Oh, man, you're wasting the space." It's like, "Hey, man, anytime you see me, ask for help, and you know, good luck with whatever." You know, "Oh you play hockey, great, you should do these things to get ready for your try out."

Brittany:                                      Right. I think it's just a matter of giving women a place to come where they can feel like when they walk in the door, they're not just another dollar sign, or another number, it's not a revolving door. That's one thing that we've really been priding ourselves on is how particular we are about the members that we bring into our studio, and we're not afraid to let people go if we need to, and I think that that's because we want to protect our members.

Host - Dan:                                 Yeah.

Brittany:                                      And we want to protect what they have built. You know, it's easy to say like, "We built this, or we built that." But we really haven't, we've just create a place where women can come in and empower each other, and create a community where they can find their best friends, they can find their fit friends, and they can find a family outside of, you know, outside of the four walls that they live in every single day. So that's really the mission that we're on.

Host - Dan:                                 Yeah, that's fantastic. I mean, you just don't want the mercury in the lake, that toxic in the community that can really, no matter how much money that person's bringing in, or a top performer in the class, it brings everyone else down.

Brittany:                                      Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah, that's so true. And I think that's true with any gym, you know, any gym is like that, especially you know you look at CrossFit Boxes, and sometimes they run into the same situation where they might not want Sally who's just there to compete and doesn't want to even be part of the community, and is rude to all the other people there, because that one person can create a horrible experience for the majority, which can be a problem long term if you don't get rid of it. So I think that that's something that we try to focus on is just who we bring in, are they going to feed the vibe in the studio or are they going to suck it dry, and that's something that we have to do when we sit down with our consult.

Host - Dan:                                 So was there a, "Oh, no. We're not doing this again," moment?

Support - Nick:                         Yeah, how did you learn this?

Host - Dan:                                 Did something happen where you were like, "That women is, and anyone like her is never stepping foot in my studio"? Or, did you guys have this foresight from the beginning?

Brittany:                                      I think, in my past business that I had, and in Marciea's too, we've both encountered issues way back before even Midwest Performance started, and we're also really big on feeding our own personal vibe, and surrounding ourselves with people that we want to be around too. So I think it kind of came just on a personal level, that's how we are as humans, but I think we have had experiences in our past businesses that have led us to feel this way as well, plus learning from other mentors and coaches, and you know we've worked with a lot of coaches, we've worked with Mike Arce with love, and we've worked with Marcus [Gursey 00:09:53], with Jim Wright who used to be on Barbell Shrug, we're now working with Alec Charfen and his team over at the Billionaire Code, so we're really big on surrounding ourselves with people who are going to get us to the next level, and they teach you all of those things as well.

Host - Dan:                                 So on that note, you were going to share with us a little bit, some things you've learned how not to get too overwhelmed, and also how to stay productive and focused despite that. What is, if you had to kind of distill that to one or two things, what would be the big, the big, the pillars of that information?

Brittany:                                      I think number one is just work to your strengths.

Host - Dan:                                 I like that.

Brittany:                                      A lot of people always say, "Work on your weaknesses." And it's like, "Why?" Why don't you just work to your strengths and delegate your weaknesses to somebody else?

Support - Nick:                         Yes.

Brittany:                                      For example, Marciea and I are two very different people, and two very different business owners. I am-

Support - Nick:                         You mean you're not a professional fighter?

Brittany:                                      Right, definitely not me, no. But I'm more of the operator. I am the steady-eddy. I am the one that can handle the day-to-day. I'm the one that can pull reports and do the financials and do the budget. Like I'm very detail-oriented like that, Marciea's more the visionary, she likes to go out and explore new things and new opportunities, and she can't get bogged down in the day-to-day stuff because it overwhelms her. So I think you have to find somebody, even if you're a solopreneur, or if you are in a partnership, you got to play to your strengths, and then delegate your weaknesses to somebody else. Don't try to do everything all at once. And I think as an entrepreneur, we just want to do everything all by ourselves, especially in the fitness industry, we feel like oh, this person can't do it better than I can but it's like, no, you want to find the people who can do it as good, if not better than you, because then you are now becoming a leader, and not so much of a tactical technician in your business. So definitely play to your strengths.

Brittany:                                      The other thing is, everybody says, "Work life balance. Is there really such a thing as work life balance?" For me there is. A lot of entrepreneurs that I have met get so like, "I got to do this, and I got to do that, and I've got to do all of these things, and I can't find anytime for myself, or my family, or personal time." It's like, "You have to." Like you will go absolutely insane if you don't do your own workouts every single day.

Host - Dan:                                 Yes. I agree 100%

Brittany:                                      Have time to work out every single day. Have time to go get a massage, or spend time with your wife or your kids. Like you have to schedule those things into your day. Like for me, I have to workout every single day, like that is my like... And I don't, you know, some people listen to podcasts and things like that during their workouts, I used to, I don't anymore-

Support - Nick:                         No. Agreed.

Brittany:                                      ... because I feel like I can't have my brain focusing on business stuff, when I'm trying to spend time for myself.

Host - Dan:                                 Yep.

Brittany:                                      So and you can't feel guilty about that. I think a lot entrepreneurs feel guilty because they take time out of their day for themselves, but they don't realize that you are actually creating a better business.

Host - Dan:                                 Preach it.

Brittany:                                      And a better, like everything for yourself when you take the time to do the things that you want to do. Marciea, she likes to stay up late at night, that's her thing, she can go on very little sleep. I can't, I have to stop-

Support - Nick:                         Know thyself.

Brittany:                                      ... at a certain point of the day. Yes, and that's exactly true, like you have to know yourself, and your limits, and how you optimize your potential.

Host - Dan:                                 Mm-hmm (affirmative). And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the mental, just the preservation of your mental sanity, from understanding that, and taking care of yourself, would you say that's attributed to a lot of the success that you have had?

Brittany:                                      Yes, I think so. I think, and that's again why Marciea and I weigh each other out so much, is that I'm the one that kind of keeps our feet on the ground, and I'm like, "Okay, let's take a trip. Let's go somewhere." Even if we're just going five hours away and we're just going for a weekend, I'm the one that's like, "Let's get out of here."

Host - Dan:                                 Something to look forward to.

Brittany:                                      "Let's go on a date night. Let's do this. Let's do that. We need to get out of the house, and do different things." And I think that if you are in a partnership, if anybody who is listening to this is in a partnership, you have to have that separation between the two, and you have to make sure that you are mentally clear every single day, and whatever you have to do, to do that, whether it's go to the local coffee shop and read your favorite book, or go workout, or go get a massage, or go do something with your family, or whatever the case maybe, whatever you have to do to just clear your head, you will work so much smarter, and so much more efficiently, if you work with a clear head. If you work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work all of the time, you, well number one, will burn out, number two, your work will be less than stellar, and number three, you will be a bear to everybody around you, to your team, to your family, to your partner, to everybody. And it can be most detrimental, not just to your relationship, but to your team.

Host - Dan:                                 Yeah. Yeah. I think you just keep hitting home runs here, Brittany, that's great. And so a lot of people I've seen though, it's like, "Well, what do you like to do on the weekends?" And they say, they've got one thing that they like to do, and I'm like, "Well, you know, you can't go snowboarding every week, especially not in the summer-

Brittany:                                      Right.

Host - Dan:                                 You've got to find ten things you like to do, and you've got to plan time to not make it required, I'm doing thing A, or B, time to do whatever I want, and when that time comes, at least I know, I'm this way.

Brittany:                                      Right. Right.

Host - Dan:                                 Which however I feel like, I can't predict what I'm going to feel like, I'm a very mood-oriented guy. How I feel really determines things.

Brittany:                                      Yes.

Host - Dan:                                 So I just make sure I have to plan Dan time, and when that time comes, if I feel like reading a book, I'll read a book, in fact maybe I'll have two, which one do I feel like reading, or I feel like going for a run, whatever I feel like doing, that way there's no stress, no pressure, I have to work out, it's now what do I want to do and I'll feel great afterwards.

Brittany:                                      Right. Yeah, and I think that it's just a matter of understanding yourself, and not feeling bad when you-

Host - Dan:                                 You can't feel guilty. Guilt is-

Brittany:                                      Right you cannot, you just cannot. And personally, I don't believe in the grind, I just don't believe in that, I don't believe in the grind, and you just have to grind and you have to hustle, like, why? Why can't you... I mean, there's a book called-

Host - Dan:                                 You can still work hard.

Brittany:                                      Right. There's a book called The 4-Hour Work Week. If you can manage your time and manage your tasks, and stay on task when you are working, you can get so much more accomplished.

Support - Nick:                         Well, that's why the people that believe in the grind, I don't think they stay on task, and they don't prioritize-

Brittany:                                      Oh, yeah.

Support - Nick:                         ... and they just get overwhelmed, and they think that they have to keep working.

Brittany:                                      [crosstalk 00:16:45].

Support - Nick:                         Like my grandpa was an entrepreneur and one thing he said was, "If you're working more than 40 hours a week, then you're just not managing your time properly."

Brittany:                                      Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah.

Support - Nick:                         Now I think the 40 hours, I don't know, I think closer to 50 because I think that the research says that after 50 we start to become less productive, and that's more for the owner, not for the every day person. That's for someone who's motivated and loves what they do ever day. But after that 50 hours, yeah, you're losing productivity, you're not managing your 50 hours wisely. If you manage your 50 hours wisely, stay off your phone, don't talk, don't get off topic with your co-workers, don't hang out at the water cooler, don't take a long lunch break, like if you keep those 50 hours on task, there should be no reason that you should feel anxiousness on the weekend because you're giving yourself me time.

Brittany:                                      Yeah, and I think that it's just a matter of, like you said, time management, and I'm really excited because part of this Billionaire Code coaching program is doing a time study. I've never done a time study before, it's actually a-

Support - Nick:                         Oh a time audit? Yeah.

Brittany:                                      Yeah, it's like a two-week time study, and it has to be done every 15 minutes.

Host - Dan:                                 That's interesting.

Brittany:                                      Yeah, so I'm really, I'm anxious to see what is going to show, because there are days where I just like-

Host - Dan:                                 I'd be scared.

Brittany:                                      Yeah, I'm a little bit nervous, but I'm like no, this will be good because then it will let me know what task can I delegate to somebody else, what task do I spend too much time on, what task do I not spend enough time on. I'm excited because it's going to help me hone in my day, and what I do every single day, and what needs to be done when, because I'm not going to lie, there are days where I'm like, "What did I even do today?" And I did a ton of stuff and I'm like, "I don't even know what I did today." I just did so much. Sometimes you get caught in the day-to-day stuff, especially as a gym owner, especially as a micro gym owner. You know, Stu from WTF Gym Talk kind of coined that term, "micro gym" but sometimes you don't have a staff of 15 or 20 people to help you, and if it is just you, and a partner, and maybe a couple of employees, you have to play to people's, not only to your strengths, but everybody elses.

Brittany:                                      You might have that trainer who's super good at marketing too. So maybe you can give them the task of creating your social media posts every single day, maybe you pay them a little extra stipend on the side to help you do that. Maybe you have somebody who's really good at admin tasks, and they're really good at spreadsheets and things like that, maybe you delegate kind of your membership roster to them, and keeping track of that every single month, because that takes up an hour of your day, every other day, or whatever the case may be. You have to not only play to your strengths, but play to everybody elses to, don't be afraid to delegate things to other people, and teach them how to do stuff, because I can tell you, right away, I was really nervous, but now I have a studio manager, her name is Ashley, and she is the most amazing human being I've ever met in my life, and her and I are on such the same page now, that she knows exactly what I need and when I need it, and she delivers every single time, and I'm continually delegating things to her, and she continues to crush them, because she knows how I work, and I know how she works. I know what her strengths are, she knows what mine are. So when you find those people, hold on to them and take care of them, because-

Host - Dan:                                 Absolutely.

Support - Nick:                         You can't really teach chemistry.

Brittany:                                      Right.

Host - Dan:                                 [crosstalk 00:20:05]

Support - Nick:                         Sometimes it just happens, I mean, you know when we're full, we're noticing with having different departments in the company, as far as like software and sales, and customer service, and things like that, like you know they're different personalities, not everyone's going to get along perfectly, but inside those departments, you have to make sure they're a good... Like kind of going back to your bringing your members in, you have to, it's a strategic hiring process-

Brittany:                                      Yes.

Support - Nick:                         ... more than it is a training program because now you threw your studio manager into the fire, but because you were probably diligent about your hiring and before you gave her these tasks, you can feel comfortable throwing her into the fire.

Brittany:                                      Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's a learning curve too, because there are been times that with Ashley and I, like right away when she started that she was feeling really overwhelmed, I was feeling overwhelmed, we weren't connecting-

Support - Nick:                         It's new. You know.

Brittany:                                      ... on the same page, and everything's new, but that goes back to having a system and a process in place, and that's actually something Marciea and I are working on right now, is kind of revamping our job descriptions, our tasks for each position that we have in our studio, what happens when we hire somebody. Having those things when you start, it may feel like, "Oh, my gosh, I have to do all of this stuff before I can even hire somebody." It's like a ready, fire, aim kind of a thing, it's like, you have to have those small-

Host - Dan:                                 Ready, fire, aim. I like that.

Brittany:                                      You have to have those small things in place, before you bring people on, because it will make your life so much easier. If you don't have good systems and processes in place, you will set yourself up for failure, time and time, and frustration, and overwhelm because you'll be like, "Why doesn't she understand what I want her to do? Why isn't he training class the way I want him to train class? Why isn't she doing the payroll like I want her to do payroll? Why?" And you're just like, "Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?" And we want to point our fingers at other people, when we should be turning our hands to ourselves and pointing at ourselves, like-

Support - Nick:                         I definitely agree with that, documenting every step you do. like the silliest thing, for some reason, I thought I had to be the person that, when I get the podcast back, I have to put it on the website, I have to post it to Instagram, I have to put it on YouTube, I have to do this, I have to do that, and then I was like this taking way too much time. I don't even have a dedicated time I do it, I just do it when it comes in from the guy who polishes it, what do I do? And I just wrote down, every single thing I did, and then I invite him into the office, and be like, "You want to make some extra money? Can you do this for me?" Now you just document everything and he just goes down the list, boom, boom, boom, and after the first one, there was a hiccup, and then after that, done. Just-

Brittany:                                      Right.

Host - Dan:                                 And let me tell you, Nick is way less cranky now.

Brittany:                                      Well, there you go.

Support - Nick:                         Because it's just stuff that I didn't, for some reason I thought I had to do it, not that I thought I was the best necessarily, but it was like I felt that, and there was no reason I had to do that, but you get so caught up.

Host - Dan:                                 One thing you mentioned very openly, and I would even be as so bold as proudly, is that you look for coaching, you look for help, you worked with a lot of people to learn-

Support - Nick:                         Yes.

Host - Dan:                                 ... and I would say in just my short conversation with you, in my opinion, one of your most powerful aspects that's brought you the success is your vision, and what I mean is vision is your perspective, you know, everyone looks at what's going on in the studio, we all see the same things with our eyes, but we don't see the same things, do you get what I'm saying?

Brittany:                                      Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Host - Dan:                                 It's viewed differently. Your perspective, your stance, how you interpret that, you seem to be able to take a very... I'd stepped back, put my... I walked across the street and looked at my business as opposed to be in the minutiae.

Brittany:                                      Yeah.

Host - Dan:                                 What's important to you there? How do you keep that perspective? How do you know what the proper perspective is? How do you change that? Kind of, I know I just threw four questions at you, and it's totally unfair, but kind of take me through for someone new listening, how do they get the proper perspective as a business owner to view things in a way that they're only manageable, but I mean you're excited to improve, you're not saying this is work, it's fun, they improve, how do they win at this game?

Brittany:                                      I think first you have to understand what drives you as a human being. What is your passion in life? Why did you even... It's just like when you ask somebody why they want to lose weight. Why did you want to start a business? Because I'll be honest, there are some people out there who are totally cool with just running one location and just getting by, and they're-

Host - Dan:                                 Absolutely.

Brittany:                                      ... okay with that as long as they're...

Support - Nick:                         Because they enjoy being self-employed.

Brittany:                                      Exactly, which is amazing.

Host - Dan:                                 Wearing no shoes at work.

Brittany:                                      Right. So there's those group of people. There's the group of people who come in because they have a passion and the desire to change people's lives, they love impacting human beings, and that's why they got into business because they want to impact the world on a broader scale, and they want to be able to do that in their business. And then you have those people who are just business savvy and they're just looking for a business opportunity, and they're just wanting to invest in whatever comes up, and they happen to like fitness, and that's what they want to do.

Brittany:                                      For me, I'm in the middle. I love impacting people on a daily basis, and I want to do... My vision is to do that on a more broad scale, whether that's through multiple locations at LadyStrong, whether that's through speaking engagements, or through business coaching, or whatever the case may be. You have to know why you got into business first, and you always have to remember that that's what you're striving for. Right?

Support - Nick:                         Because then when a decision comes up, you just revert back to your one sentence of why am I here.

Brittany:                                      Exactly.

Support - Nick:                         And then it makes those decisions more clear.

Brittany:                                      It does, and when your why is clear, everything is clear.

Support - Nick:                         Yes.

Brittany:                                      When your reason for doing business is clear, any decision that you make is based on that why, right?

Support - Nick:                         Yeah.

Host - Dan:                                 Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brittany:                                      Hiring employees, firing employees, opening other locations, making branding change decisions, whatever the case may be, all of those decisions come from why you want to do business, and where you want to go. So you have to just take a look inside of yourself, and think, "Okay, why am I doing this? Why did I decide to do this?"

Host - Dan:                                 Awesome answer.

Support - Nick:                         That's a great answer.

Brittany:                                      You know, why?

Support - Nick:                         So now I feel like you have a really, really strong grasp on getting started, keeping yourself in business, learning what the next-

Host - Dan:                                 Calibrating.

Support - Nick:                         Calibrating, learning what the next steps are, what's on the horizon for you Brittany, yourself, and LadyStrong Fitness as a whole?

Brittany:                                      As far as for LadyStrong, we're growing quickly. As a micro gym, you face a lot of issues when it comes to capital and gaining money, and investments, and do you want it... We'd been looking into taking on investors, and opening additional locations, but that's something that's kind of on our plate right now, but really what we're trying to do, Marciea and I are really... The reason that we're working with Alec is to really define our roles as the COO, and the COO of our company, and kind of creating an organizational chart where we're delegating the tasks that we're working on, so we can focus on our bigger vision. So our goal is to have a second location by the beginning of 2020.

Support - Nick:                         Okay.

Brittany:                                      And to hopefully have additional locations by the end of 2021. We'd really like to have five locations, that's really our goal here in the Chicagoland area, so that's really-

Support - Nick:                         And not necessarily franchising, but you guys owning-

Brittany:                                      No.

Support - Nick:                         Knowing the locations-

Brittany:                                      Yes.

Support - Nick:                         Running the location.

Brittany:                                      Yeah.

Support - Nick:                         I really like, and I know we've been going on for a while, and I'm sure you've got to run soon, but-

Brittany:                                      No, your fine.

Support - Nick:                         ... I really like how you're saying it, and you're doing it, you're defining your roles, and that way it's really easy for it to fall under, what should I be doing to grow this business.

Brittany:                                      Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah, and I think that that's a huge thing. I mean maybe if somebody were to come into our door tomorrow, and were like, "I'd really like to franchise this," it would be something that we would consider, but for our plan right now, is going corporate, and as a corporation having multiple... similar to what Daniel Nyiri does, Daniel has several locations that he owns, and that's kind of the direction that we want to go too.

Brittany:                                      On the personal side, for Marciea, she is working on a really special project, it is called Triad Training Solutions, and it's actually a workout programming system for micro gyms.

Support - Nick:                         Okay.

Host - Dan:                                 Very cool.

Brittany:                                      Yeah, there's really nothing like it out on the market right now, and so she's working very diligently on that project, hopefully we'll have that done by the end of 2019. So that's something that she's working on personally. She just finished a book. She wrote a book called Women's Weight Loss Secrets, so she just finished that about a week ago, it's actually available on Amazon right now, on the Kindle version, she's working on a MP3 version of it tomorrow. So that is out. And that's a really cool book. She actually got a chance to interview 10 of our most successful members, and she asked them, "If you were to put on all of the weight that you've lost with us, back on again, how would you get it off?" And they shared their top 10 tips in this book, which was really, really cool, so she's been working on that.

Support - Nick:                         That is a very interesting question and route to go.

Brittany:                                      Right?

Support - Nick:                         Because it's how well did you teach?

Host - Dan:                                 They have perspective. Yeah.

Support - Nick:                         Yeah, how well did you teach those members?

Brittany:                                      Yeah. Yeah. So that was a really cool thing. There's a lot of commonalities with that, so she's working on a couple of different things. And then for me, I would really like to speak more. I'll do my second run at GSDCON in May on the 16th and 17th of May.

Host - Dan:                                 And we will see you there.

Brittany:                                      Yay. So I'll be there for that. I actually applied to speak at FITposium in October, I really am hoping to get in on that speaker line up.

Host - Dan:                                 Very nice.

Brittany:                                      And then my goal is to start coaching businesses, it's something that I'm really passionate about. So Mike Arce is on one of my really good friends, and a really awesome mentor of mine, and I told him last year, I'm like, "Mike, I really want to be the person... because I feel like coaching programs aren't cheap. They are not cheap. You have to invest in them to get back from them, and a lot of times they provide in tenfold., but as a micro gym owner, you need coaching, but sometimes you just can't afford $5,000 a month, or $3,000 a month, and I want to provide a coaching program for micro gym owners that is affordable, but they feel like they can get a $5000 experience for a quarter of the price. So that's kind of my vision of what I'd really like to do long term, and I'm hoping that's something that comes to fruition sooner rather than later, but I'm hoping that the speaking and stuff like that really kind of gets me to that point where I can get on a level and on a platform, and be an influencer in that space-

Host - Dan:                                 Beautiful.

Brittany:                                      ... to do that. So, yeah.

Host - Dan:                                 So Brittany, we're just wrapping up here, if someone wanted to keep the conversation going with you, learn more about your podcast, your studio, anything, what's the best way for someone to reach out to you, and also even the best place to find that book that Marciea wrote?

Brittany:                                      Yeah, so a couple different ways you can get a hold of us. If you want to learn more about our studio you can find us on Facebook and Instagram at LadyStrong Fitness, our website ladystrongfitness.com. We have our podcast, it's actually called The Coffee with MP Show, and it is a podcast geared towards fitness and health topics. We spent last season interviewing members in our studio about their journeys. This year we've geared it more towards health and wellness topics that are relevant to weight loss for women. So that's called The Coffee with MP Show, it's actually on our YouTube channel, LadyStrong Fitness YouTube channel, and then it's on iTunes and Google Play, you can find it there.

Brittany:                                      For me, you can find me on Instagram @brittwelk, B-R-I-T-T W-E-L-K. You can find Marciea on Instagram @marcieaallen, and then both of us are on Facebook as well. So yeah, please feel free to reach out.

Brittany:                                      For Marciea's book, it's called Women's Weight Loss Secrets, you can find it on Amazon. Go check that out because that's a really, really cool book. So yeah, we're kind of everywhere, so please feel free to reach out.

Host - Dan:                                 Sounds like it.

Brittany:                                      I'm always happy to jump on phone calls, provide feedback, give assistance as needed. I'm always open to help, so I feel like I've been given to so much, so I really want to be able to give back.

Host - Dan:                                 Fantastic. Well, hey, that was an awesome and incredibly energetic show. Thank you so much for coming on today, and I can't wait to see you at GSDCON.

Brittany:                                      Yes, I super excited to meet you guys as well. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Host - Dan:                                 Of course. Bye now.

Brittany:                                      Bye.

Host - Dan:                                 So if you liked this episode, be sure to go and leave us a review. Your feedback helps us make better episodes every week. If you're a studio fitness owner who wants to streamline processes with a studio management software that's actually affordable, checkout FitDEGREE. Go and find us at fitdegree.com, that's F-I-T D-E-G-R-E-E.com to talk with a team member today.

Host - Dan:                                 We'll see you back here next week, same day, same time, for another podcast episode featuring amazing studio fitness owners. See you later, everyone.


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