Episode 3: Maintaining Work-Life Balance w/ Christopher Flores

June 11, 2020

June 11, 2020

Episode 3: Maintaining Work-Life Balance w/ Christopher Flores

Joining us today on the fitDEGREE Podcast is Christopher Flores, owner of FLO Fitness and the creator of the FLOosophy mindset training. Chris took a leap of faith when starting his studio and hustled his way through every challenge thrown at him.

He shares how working six different jobs were not giving him a sense of work/life balance. Chris decided to open his first gym using cash advances from his credit card—which took a while to pay back—eventually paid off for him in the long term.

Huge lessons that Chris learned, which will also benefit new fitness studio owners in the pursuit of work-life balance, are:

  1. Create a system that your studio or gym will specifically teach to your customers.
  2. Train your team members well so that you could take a break and your business will still thrive on its own.
  3. Set up a daily planner. Consume things that can feed your mind and give you more knowledge.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

→ [5:05] Chris shares that gym owners usually spend thousands of dollars acquiring gym equipment. When he started he didn’t have any equipment at his gym; just Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) setups.

→ [7:35] Chris shares that people who walk into his gym for the first time are surprised that his training focuses on floor exercises and movements.

→ [11:57] Chris mentions that he has a folder for each of his clients where he documents training programs based on their individual requirements.

→ [15:05] Chris recalls that he used to have 6 jobs simultaneously, and despite earning significantly, he didn’t find work-life balance.

→ [21:01] Chris shares who to focus on, what is critical in life, and how to focus on priorities as the rest are only non-essentials that one can live without.


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