Episode 4: Training Your Instructors for Success w/ Joanna Vargas

June 11, 2020

June 11, 2020

Episode 4: Training Your Instructors for Success w/ Joanna Vargas

Joining us on episode 13 is the owner of The Fit Factor Studio, Joanna Vargas. She has over 23 years of experience in dance and entrepreneurship.

The Fit Factor Studio’s mission is to inspire themselves and others to wake up and live fully. They believe in educating their customers that fitness transformation begins with their mindset. You cannot change your body with the same mind that got you where you are. Reset your mindset, reset your body.

Joanna discusses the steps to create the perfect class based on a color system and how this allows you cater to all sorts of different people:

  1. Identify the reds. These are the people who are the strong leader types. These are the presidents, these are the CEOs, these are the strong-willed personalities. This is the smallest percentage of the population on this planet.
  2. Next are the greens. They're the logical people. They are the thinkers. They're the research people. Those are the clients that had to research you twenty-four times before they said yes.
  3. Then we have the yellows. They are fun, class clown type! They like music, and they say yes quickly. However, they're usually the ones that are late to class.
  4. Last are the blues. The blues are the peacemakers, they're the longevity people who want to make sure that everybody is happy.
  5. After identifying your students’ colors, create a class program by dividing it in quarters and do a little bit of each color!

During fitDEGREE’s chat with Joanna you'll hear:

→ [3:24] The first reason why investing in training and education for your instructors will help your studio fitness business scale successfully.

→ [5:16] How the colors represent each personality type and how Joanna uses it when teaching.

→ [16:00] Joanna shares why fitness professionals have the highest rate of turnover. (This is why investing in them is crucial!)

→ [18:54] How your studio can survive by offering programs that not only help your customers achieve their fitness goals, but also align with their personalities and mindsets.

→ [21:55] Joanna talks about how she knows what the color of an instructor is!


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