Know Your Calling with Emily Olsen

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Know Your Calling with Emily Olsen

Emily is the original owner of Pulse Yoga and Fitness in Marysville, OH. She has been a fitness professional since 2001 and in 2015, Emily decided it was time for her own boutique brick and mortar studio.

In the three and a half years that Emily owned Pulse, she expanded the building, increased services offered, and tripled the number of instructors working there before eventually selling the business in September of 2019.

The studio services include a variety of fitness and yoga classes, workshops led by local and national teachers, as well as instructor trainings. They also have a retail boutique full of local and handmade treasures!

Emily points out the things that contributed to her success: 

  1. Know what it takes to make people feel comfortable and accepted.
  2. Teach a class that can truly accommodate a multitude of fitness levels and ages.
  3. Make sure to understand the needs of your target demographics.
  4. Look for a prime location where there's not much competition.
  5. Offer high-value products and services.

Here are the key parts of our interview that you won’t want to miss:

→ [1:44] How Emily grew Pulse Yoga and Fitness without using any paid marketing strategies in just three and a half years and what made her decide to sell the business.

→ [3:09] Emily shares the reason why she sold the studio to her studio manager. (Her move is perfect for those who are wanting to step back and still have an income.)

→ [8:25] How Emily stuck to membership-based plans to secure future budget for her business.

→ [10:26] Emily's point of view when it comes to competition. (This mindset will help you thrive more!)

→ [16:27] How Emily achieved success for Pulse Yoga and Fitness through word of mouth, offering value-packed services and creating a sustainable community.

→ [19:48] How Emily chose Marysville to start her yoga studio business seeing that there was no established studio yet in the area that offers yoga to young professionals.

→ [23:14] Emily discusses the process of selling her local studio business and what was the transition like.

→ [29:50] Emily's three golden nuggets for those who want to succeed in their chosen line of business.


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