Mastering Your Subconscious Mind with Angela Anderson

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Mastering Your Subconscious Mind with Angela Anderson

Angela is a wife and mother, transformational lifestyle and wellness coach, speaker, teacher, dancer, online entrepreneur, yogic chef, AND advanced PSYCH-K ® Facilitator.

She owned a busy and successful studio but quickly felt that the path to success was also the path away from her personal life. Torn, Angela began to evaluate her mindset and how she approached her business challenges.

Using the PSYCH-K mindset coaching system that Angela learned directly from the founder, she was able to balance her life and eventually transitioned to becoming a certified coach herself.

Angela shared the step-by-step process of PSYCH-K with our co-hosts:

  1. Muscle testing gets to your subconscious mind to start testing your beliefs.
  2. Beginning a process of helping you get into the visceral experience. It's a visual, auditory, kinesthetic process.
  3. Doing brain integration activities to prepare your mind for the shift.

In this exciting episode with Angela, you'll hear:

→ [1:54] How she created success in the health and fitness industry from being a former fitness business owner to a certified PSYCH-K facilitator by listening to “your mind and your subconscious beliefs”.

→ [6:14] How Angela found her “work through” because of a connection with the internal truths that she has learned from practicing PSYCH-K.

→ [9:36] The importance of mindset when it comes to your goals and why taking your business seriously is essential to take it to the next level.

→ [15:22] Angela discusses the actions you can take to start training the mind and your subconscious which will automatically scale your cash flow in the business.

→ [20:43] How finding the right mindset program will help you look at your current life from a different perspective, reconnect with your deepest desires, and have you take deliberate and focused action.

→ [28:27] Angela talks about the PSYCH-K methods she uses to help her clients reprogram their negative beliefs.


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