Mastering Your Space with Ginny Colorusso

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Mastering Your Space with Ginny Colorusso

Ginny Colarusso is the founder and owner of AMP Yoga, a studio that offers yoga, acupuncture, holistic arts and massage in addition to reiki and past life regression. She can assist you in connecting with the Akashic Records or reconnecting with a deceased loved one in a Hypnotist Medium session and take you to heaven. Interesting, isn’t it?

Her past life progression sessions have the following purposes.

  1. To connect you with your deceased loved ones and talk to them directly.
  2. To assist you in your healing journey.

In this special episode with Ginny, you'll learn:

→ [1:55] How Ginny introduced the holistic healing arts into her yoga program when she was diagnosed as infertile at the age of 34. However, because of her unique methods, she had 2 successful pregnancies and this is something that would love to share with other people!

→ [3:00] Ginny shares how her expertise brings a lot of answers and to support people on their healing path and connects them with their deceased loved ones directly.

→ [3:35] How AMP was created and the meaning behind it;

→ [7:34] How Ginny maximizes her yoga studio rooms to provide space for massage, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, and past life regression.

→ [9:08] Ginny talks about the benefits of hiring experienced team members who already have a following and how they're going to pull customers into your business. 

→ [12:06] The importance of giving back to the community and running a free class to get your studio yoga business out there. The students will come back to you in a positive way once they notice how genuine you are with what you're offering!

→ [17:07] How she met Dr. Oz and got the opportunity to share on national TV how she still gets the chance to hear her deceased father on the other side.

→ [24:15] Ginny's best piece of advice for aspiring fitness studio owners who want to succeed in the industry.


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