Rapid Expansion With a Plan with Amanda Goolsby

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Rapid Expansion With a Plan with Amanda Goolsby

Amanda Goolsby is the founder of Aligned Success through which she supports CEO’s and their leadership teams in implementing EOS—a business operating system designed to grow and scale your business with a track record to prove it. She supports top leaders and entrepreneurs in creating more efficient systems in their lives and careers so they have time to focus on other important aspects of their business.

Amanda was a key player in the rapid expansion of OrangeTheory fitness and helped open over 50 locations. Her 15 years experience in the fitness industry combined with the innovative EOS system is a gold mine of knowledge for any business owner looking to level up.

In this week’s podcast episode, Amanda says that it’s important to find people who are also hungry in business because as a business owner, you can only scale if you develop people to take things off of your plate.

There are three valuable milestones that the EOS will help any business entrepreneurs achieve:

  1. Clearly defining their vision
  2. Getting traction to have consistent, disciplined execution to grow the business
  3. Keeping a healthy leadership team 

You will see how showing up for your business, having the right energy, and figuring out the best method of learning can get you on the right track for the growth and scaling of your business.

In this special episode with Amanda, you'll learn:

→ [2:12] How Amanda started her early journey in the fitness industry at the age of 18 selling gym memberships and opening her first business as a personal trainer.

→ [3:25] Amanda shares when they opened their first location as a franchisee. After 10 years, they were able to acquire the holdings company and, eventually, the entire franchise. 

→ [3:40] Amanda shares her experience on how she became a key member of OrangeTheory Fitness, turning a sinking ship into the successful fitness franchise that it is today. 

→ [6:21] How Amanda discovered and practiced the EOS model as a way of scaling business aggressively and achieving $20 million in revenue in just 18 months.

→ [9:04] How Amanda opened Alliance Success and began the process of coaching other CEOs and leadership teams to implement the EOS system, helping them to reach the same level of success with their respective businesses.

→ [11:24] How Amanda decided to do her own thing and took a huge risk in entering the fitness world at such a young age.

→ [14:16] Amanda talks about the importance of finding people who are also hungry to step into business and do the same thing she did to achieve success. (Scaling will never happen if you, the owner, is still the one doing all the work!)

→ [19:06] How Amanda transitioned from being an employee to starting her own business while pursuing her passion to help other people to get to the next level.

→ [21:17] Amanda explained what EOS is and the six key components that will help business owners, CEOs, keep everything on track.


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