Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry with Daniel Nyiri

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry with Daniel Nyiri

Daniel Nyiri arrived in America in 2011 with $150 in his pocket and limited English, but as a true entrepreneur knows… so what? Today he is the CEO of 4U Fitness, a business that uses a very high-tech piece of equipment and has 7 locations with 32 employees.

Nyiri prioritized his life, set goals and planned his future. Understanding how much work and capital is needed to build a business, he worked 5 jobs simultaneously to generate income and developed the right relationships so that he could begin his career as an entrepreneur. Eventually, he developed the American version of E-Fit, the full-body Electrical Muscle Stimulation workout with Dr. Janos Papp—which was a complete gamechanger.

He is passionate about learning and makes time for himself with personal journaling and daily reading.

The two things that Daniel advises you to do to help you get closer to YOUR big picture:

  1. Always ask the question: "Is this going to get me closer or further way from my goal?". Eliminate the items that don't have a positive impact in your business.
  2. Optimize your time by creating a list and identify which tasks should be done and which one should be removed.

During Studio Savvy’s chat with Daniel, you'll learn:

→ [1:53] The inspirational story of how Daniel managed to get where he is now, the long process and lots of muscle work in order to survive and excel in a foreign land. (He went through so much and experienced a lot of roadblocks but that didn't stop him from achieving his dreams!)

→ [10:29] Daniel shares the importance of making a decision to step back and hire people because it's impossible to do everything on your own. Calculate how much your time is really worth and how much it actually costs to have someone do tasks instead of you.

→ [14:34] How Daniel identifies the areas that can help his business and the things that he shouldn't focus on.

→ [17:47] The steps Daniel took in order to branch out from one location to another.

→ [27:32] Daniel's mindset when it comes to taking the calculated risks that brought him across the ocean to a new country and made him successful.

→ [30:38] How 4U Fitness is different from any other fitness studios. (They have E-FIT, a high-tech invention that will save their members time by having highly effective workouts. The results of a 90-minute workout can be achieved in just 20 minutes!)

→ [33:30] Daniel's last piece of advice about getting very clear on your why—why you're doing this, why you're starting this business—before going any further.


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