The Road to Movement Recovery with Michael Hughes

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

The Road to Movement Recovery with Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes has been helping people to recover and live actively since he was in 7th grade.

His plan of attending grad school for physical therapy didn’t work out, but that didn’t stop him from achieving his dream and making an impact. Michael’s life changed when he learned about Applied Functional Science (AFS) and started to form his vision of combining restoration training with fitness performance.

In 2010, Michael Hughes started Gymnazo with just 18 clients and eventually grew the business into what it is now—a unique functional training facility located in California that provides performance training with recovery-specific programs to serve people who are experiencing movement dysfunction and pain.Michael talks about his strategy in hooking up prospective clients:

  1. Make a great offer that they couldn't say no to.
  2. Have a movement assessment with a senior coach to build a custom cool down process.
  3. Be accessible to all members by having a mobile application where they can check all the offers and status of their membership.

In this special episode with Michael, you'll learn:

→ [2:25] Michael tells the interesting story of when he was in the 7th grade and a body-building book by Arnold Schwarzenegger opened up his mind to the wonders of working out.

→ [5:40] How Michael realized the problem with the system working as a Physical Therapist and how it led him to the revolutionary idea of blending performance and restoration in one program for much greater results. It's definitely the best of both worlds!

→ [10:10] Michael talks about his goal of bridging the gap between fitness and medical-based movement to be able to help out more people and heal movement dysfunctions.

→ [12:20] How attending a seminar about Applied Functional Science (AFS) changed the foundation of his thinking and ignited his calling to pursue his vision of integrating restoration strategies and three-dimensional movement into his workouts.

→ [17:15] The brilliant idea of Michael creating a sustainable program that offers more value and provides a transformational fitness model for each individual member that encourages total well being.

→ [21:50] Michael discusses the benefits of having a Gymnazo membership and the value each member will get after joining.

→ [24:40] How focusing on providing excellent customer experience instead of just selling programs gave Gymnazo more lifetime clients.


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