Starting a Studio Fitness Business with Tiffany Fleeman

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Starting a Studio Fitness Business with Tiffany Fleeman

Do you have a dream of becoming your own boss and having your own fitness studio? Then tune right in as today’s episode will be all about that!

Tiffany Fleeman, is the owner of up and coming yoga studio Workhorse Fitness & Yoga—a studio born from the desire to get the best results in the most efficient time with the support of a like-minded community.

Tiffany’s story is unique as she’s not a natural athlete and has no athletic background, but she managed to rise above it all and become a successful fitpreneur.

She has two elements that ensure her yoga studio can still function when she's not there.

  1. A fool-proof plan with her goals and onboarding packets giving team members all the information they need.
  2. Tiffany makes sure all members feel that they're part of a community with open communication.

In this special episode with Tiffany, you'll learn:

→ [2:00] How Tiffany started a studio fitness business without any athletic background. Growing up, she struggled with discovering her athletic side but fitness has become her outlet due to the stress and pressure of working for an advertising agency.

→ [4:20] How Tiffany realized when she had her daughter that working after hours in studios and wellness centers isn't just a hobby, it's a true passion for her.

→ [6:30] Tiffany runs fitness classes in her home, taking in as much as 10 - 12 people, in order to experience first-hand what it was like to have her own studio.

→ [10:10] How Tiffany handles change in her system as she moves in a different area to establish her yoga studio business. It takes trial and error to know what works best and Tiffany shares how she found her niche clients along the way.

→ [14:25] Tiffany discusses the challenges she experienced in her body and how it led her to become an expert in metabolic and hormonal training, helping clients to understand why their workout routines weren’t as effective as they might have been before.

→ [20:58] She makes sure her clients have red days, yellow days, and green days when it comes to their training to enjoy the maximum benefits!

→ [26:40] How Tiffany handles her team and the process she use to guide them in teaching their classes.

→ [30:38] The exact method Tiffany practices to keep her business running smoothly. She explains the importance of documentation, managing expectations, and communication!


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