The Secret to Great Events with Greta Ertl

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

The Secret to Great Events with Greta Ertl

Greta has had an incredible professional journey from entrepreneurial ventures at an early age (an accidental Hoola Hoop company—yes you read that right) to working in a Fortune 100 corporation. Although successful, Greta couldn’t stay away from studio fitness! Greta now teaches yoga and barre, is a marketing maven for studios across the country, and works for 33 Threads, an apparel company for studio fitness.

Greta is an advocate of the author Simon Sinek and she applies in her work what she read in his book “Start With Why.” Greta is here with us today to talk about how and why you should host events in your studio. Follow her steps to gain your current member's loyalty, attract new customers, and grow your sales!

  1. When you think of a concept or an idea for an event, develop and maintain an attitude of asking yourself the reason why you are doing it. 
  2. Engage your community. Build your network. 
  3. Develop an event atmosphere that makes sense for your community. Introduce promotional offers and giveaways to attract your community.
  4. Leverage your relationship with nearby businesses for your events.
  5. Use each event to identify new services and new client classes. Develop new business out of it!

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

→ [1:50] Greta shares that she taught yoga while performing fire hoops at events while attending college, earning her business degree. 

→ [4:22] Greta talks about 33 Threads, the company whose products she markets.

→ [8:30] Greta highlights the benefits and advantages of ToeSox.

→ [12:00] Greta talks about how she usually starts arranging a meeting with studio owners teaching the same class. It is a great start for establishing relationships where she can market her products and harness the benefit of it through word-of-mouth recommendations. 

→ [13:30] Greta discusses community engagement and how to tap into its potential by identifying the things that matter to the community. 

→ [16:60] Greta shares how to determine the right time and date for hosting events!

→ [17:30] Greta highlights the benefit of hosting exclusive events in terms of marketing and promotion. 

→ [23:00] Greta advises that you should partner with local businesses when hosting events because local businesses can see the sales potential, bringing down the cost of events and helping with promotion.  


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