Training for Trainers with Kyle Davis

March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Training for Trainers with Kyle Davis

Kyle Davis is the founder and co-owner of Northwest Fitness Project, a collective of 14 elite trainers with a combined total of over two centuries of personal training experience —and some of the best group training on the west coast. Kyle and his partner shared a dream of creating a facility to be a home for the fitness community they have cultivated and a welcoming space for new members to train under their guidance.

They are very particular with the trainers they accept and they always give their 100% to their business. These co-owners make sure that they are exceeding the expectations of every customer and give the fitness experience that each person truly desires.

The concierge service that Northwest Fitness Project offers to all clients are:

  1. In-depth functional movement assessment
  2. Pairing students with the right trainer based on their needs, their personality, their schedule, and niche.

Here is Kyle’s advice when your business model is not fit for scaling on a national level:

  1. Focus on key locations that will make your business easily accessible for other people within the area
  2. Hire someone exceptional people on your team. You need that one person who will help you streamline your business so you can scale to a second or third location.

During fitDEGREE’s chat with Kyle you'll hear:

→ [1:36] How Kyle and Matt became business partners, taking two years of planning, setting up equipment, and saving money to open up Northwest Fitness Project successfully.

→ [5:49] Kyle states what they are looking for when a trainer wants to be part of their community. (This is an important part of the interview!)

→ [12:27] How their business model is like an umbrella where other independent trainers can run their own business under one roof. They wanted to create a space that made it easy for people to train their high-level clients in a high-level facility.

→ [18:40] Kyle shares how they target their ideal market in Seattle, which are people who have disposable income and the need to move!

→ [24:13] Their future plans are to focus on opening two more locations around Seattle because Kyle believes that their business model is not necessarily replicable or scalable on a national level.


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