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February 2021

Live Stream
February 5, 2021

Individualized Live Stream Link Update

December 10th, 2020

Starting tomorrow morning, all live stream emails will now include an individualized link for that client. This allows us to auto check in the client at the time they click the link!

NOTE: Due to the popularity of requests for this feature, we have auto turned this on for all studios.

If you have specific processes in place and wish to disable auto check in, you can go to "Setup" -> "Settings" -> "App Settings" -> check "Disable auto checkin when clients open a live stream link"

UX Updates


- The class session creation flow has been improved. It's all of the same fields just split into multiple slides to more easily read. We also added a slide for adding a live stream so you don't forget to add it at time of creation! The event creation flow has been altered to add a slide for live stream links so you don't forget to add it at time of creation as well!.

- Instructor Live Stream… say what?!? Links now have the ability to set the "Send X minutes before", previously it didn't let you choose and always sent out 15 minutes prior. You can set this in the Team Member edit pop up.

February 2021

February 5, 2021

Autopay Changes

December 3rd, 2020

We've been hearing all of your feedback and adjusted our development queue to make sure you get this new feature sooner rather than later!

Prior to this update, when a client on the app would add a card onto autopay for a membership, this card would not show on their admin profile.

The reasoning for this was that there is a difference between a "Company Client Profile" and an "App Client Profile". A single App Client Profile can attend classes at multiple companies, so we strive to only share client information that they have approved for the company to have access to.

This started becoming a big problem for some studios going virtual as clients were expecting their card to be on file with the studio already since it was on autopay for a membership.

After discussing externally with you all and internally, we have concluded, once a client puts a card on autopay for a membership, that is showing that they trusted your studio with their credit card on file.

With that being said, going forward any cards added on the app for autopay of a membership will now show up as a saved card on your admin portal.

We have even brought over all the cards that were added in the past and populated them onto the client profile in the admin! You will see this once the update is completed.

Thank you all for your continued feedback in making the software better for your business needs as they evolve!

UX Updates


If a client opens a Share link to a store item that they cannot purchase, say due to not having the proper temperature , they will now get an error message explaining that they cannot purchase this item. Previously they had to get all the way to the checkout to see this error.

February 2021

Live Stream
February 5, 2021

New One-On-One Live Stream Links Now Live

October 27th, 2020

As usual, we're constantly taking in your feedback & adjusting our software in ways to make your day to day life easier. This update planned for the 29th gives us the new feature of One-on-One Live Stream Links.

New Features

One-on-one Live Stream

You can now add live stream links to your one-on-one services! The way this works is by going into edit the service and enabling "Send live stream links.”

Once you have enabled this option, you want to go into and edit the Team Member that will be teaching this service and add an "Instructor Live Stream Link" to their profile.

Once you have set these two things up, your clients will now receive the Instructor Live Stream Link 15 minutes prior to the time of the service!

See the video walkthrough HERE: