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fitDEGREE offers you all the solutions you need to successfully run your yoga studio. Find all the features below and a list of our transparent pricing options here.

For You, Studio Owner


Scheduling Made Easy

Take control of scheduling classes, one-on-one appointments, events, and workshops with an intuitive yoga studio scheduling software that won’t kick you in the asana. With fitDEGREE scheduling, the schedule function is similar to Google calendar: easy to read and easy to manage for both you and your members.

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Visual Reporting

From instructor earnings to class attendance to revenue, reports from fitDEGREE are available as friendly, clickable graphs. Instead of endless Excel sheets with row after row of data, fitDEGREE allows you to visualize your results so you can clearly make sense of what’s working in your business without getting bent out of shape!

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Cloud-Based Software

Our cloud based admin makes your business available anywhere you have a WiFi connection. Use this for the heavy lifting of your business: create class schedules, manage team members, develop pay scales, view your analytics and more.


Branded Mobile App

Brand your app just like you would your studio––because your customers should be reciting your mantra. With fitDEGREE you can create an exceptional experience for your members without the distraction of your competition with local studios.


Kiosk > Their Check-In

We know your lobby can become chaotic with members before class. That’s why we built our Kiosk app! It’s more than just an online check in…. Our Kiosk will allow your members not only to sign in, but they can also register for classes, one-on-one services, invite friends and view any important announcements.

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Website Integration

Having your class schedule and offerings on your website isn’t enough nowadays. Your website needs to be able to handle registration AND payment processing because the next studio is only one Google search away. We offer a website widget which makes your offerings clear to visitors, as well as secure payment portal to handle that payment right on your website.

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Switching Made Simple

fitDEGREE has created a data-converting system that allows you to bring over vital user and business information from your current software. This allows the transition to fitDEGREE be as smooth as possible for both you and your members.

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‘On The Go’ Business App

You talked and we listened. Studio owners are constantly on the go and need access to their business at a moment’s notice. That’s why we developed a business app that lets you manage important studio functions easily from your phone.


How We Make It Special


A Social Experience to Support Your Growth & Brand Loyalty

New social features make referral marketing as easy as child’s pose by empowering your members to easily share their fitness experience through the app. Not only that, but users can also make friends through the platform and see what classes those friends are attending. It’s a social experience that drives attendance, community, and will even create brand advocates. No other yoga studio management software has a feature that compares to the fitDEGREE social experience.


Announcement Board to Keep Members Informed and Engaged

Distributing every piece of information across email, phone and social media can be a burden for both you (the distributor) and your members (the consumers). We thought it would be better if you BOTH could focus on one channel to receive “studio news”. That’s why we made our Announcement Board feature! Post just like you would on Facebook and your members will get a push notification to check out your News Feed. Keep members informed simply and effectively.

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Personal Customer Service Rep At Your Call

Namaste will never feel so good to say when you speak with your personal customer service rep. With your dedicated rep, you will receive a personalized onboarding and training experience with a fitDEGREE team member, as well as ongoing customer support. Although we keep the studio software simple, its a big system and knowing the ins and outs may not only save your sanity, but it could also help you make even more money! No long sessions on the phone with a stranger in a call center. Reach out to your personal care rep via email whenever you need a helping hand.


Comparing Our Solution to Other Yoga Studio Management Software

MINDBODY has a lot of great features, and you can rest assured that we have all the ones you know and love…. plus a few more you didn’t know you needed! These are some huge differences that set the two services apart, and as you know, the little details can make all the difference. This is how we compare to MINDBODY:

best yoga studio management software
yoga studio management software reviews

Oh, Did We Mention….

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Our Partners Keep You Safe

When an individual uses fitDEGREE, they are accessing it through an app downloaded via the iOS App Store/ the Google Play Store or through a website. fitDEGREE does not share/ provide data with third party companies unless it provides value in using the fitDEGREE platform.

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For Data

When data is retrieved or sent through our system, it is sent through HTTPS protocol, making sure that all data in and out is encrypted. The data is transfer to our API on a server hosted by AWS (Amazon Web Servers).

Once the data is retrieved by our API, fitDEGREE has a token based firewall to ensures that the user accessing the information has adequate permissions. If a user sends an invalid request to the server, requesting another user’s data, that invalid request would be stopped at the firewall and returned a ‘Permission Denied’ error.

From there, the data is securely stored and retrieved from a database also hosted on AWS, through their RDS (Relational data-basing services). Access to the AWS database storing fitDEGREE data is limited to only to company programmers requiring such access and requires a unique username and password, that is securely stored.

The only exception to this is images, which are stored in AWS S3 storage.

For additional information regarding AWS compliance wtih the GDPR, please visit:

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For Payment Processing

fitDEGREE does not manage any PCI Compliant payment information internally, and is fully PCI Level 1 compliant. We use a third party vendor, “SplashPayments”. When a credit card number and expiration date is entered into fitDEGREE website or app, it is entered through an iFrame, which embeds the SplashPayments website directly into the fitDEGREE interface. SplashPayments transfer payment information through the iFrame over HTTPS to SplashPayments servers. fitDEGREE is provided with a token representing that information in exchange, which fitDEGREE refers to for future purchases. At no time does fitDEGREE store, maintain, or access any payment information.

For additional information regarding PCI Level 1 compliance, please visit:

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For Text Messaging

Sometimes, fitDEGREE may text our end-users to verify the phone number provided by the end-user. fitDEGREE uses a third-party service, Twilio, to send these text messages. Twilio is provided only with the phone number provided and the text message content. For additional regarding Twilio’s GDPR Compliance, please visit:

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