Want to Represent fitDEGREE?

Let’s Work Together

First and foremost I am so glad that you are interested in joining the fitFamily and taking on a little extra side hustle. My name is Dan Berger and my official title here at fitDEGREE is Mr. Personality. I will be your direct contact throughout this journey and will be in charge of setting you up for success!

What I hope to accomplish with you through the fitDEGREE Street Rep program is to create a win-win scenario that helps you earn some extra cash while still operating in your existing industry.


As you already know, fitDEGREE is business management software for the studio fitness industry. If you are thinking that sounds like MINDBODY then you would be right! Our goal is to replace them and give the studio fitness industry the alternative that they have been asking for.

What does this mean for you?

I want a happy and profitable partnership between fitDEGREE and our Street Reps, so we’re going to reward you for every studio owner you bring into the fitFamily. You’ll get $100 for every time you close a sale + a piece of the monthly recurring revenue for up to a year! There are no limits, no minimums, no catches - the more the merrier. Plus, after your first recommended studio becomes a customer you will also receive a fitDEGREE 5mm natural rubber with an anti-slip microfiber top yoga mat that you see in the picture!

Ideal Candidate

The fitness industry is made up of lots of different kinds of people. We prefer to have someone that is already involved in the studio fitness space, someone who understands a studio owner’s pain points and “speaks their language”. Bonus points if you’re an instructor, a manager, a marketer or even just a enthusiastic studio fitness participant.

Goal of the Street Rep Position

Make connections with local studio fitness businesses, learn about the struggles they’re facing with their current studio management software and introduce them to fitDEGREE.

Summary of Position

  • In person meetings with studio owners

  • Perform product demos of the fitDEGREE platform

  • Close Sales!!!

Potential Earnings

On average, Street Reps will earn over $40 per hour. Street Reps can earn $12,000 to $48,000 per year depending on the amount of commission earned through closing sales.

DSC07987_edited-1 (1).jpg

How to Get Started

Simply click the button below to schedule a time with my business partner, Nick. He is the Team Dad around here and will tell you more about the position. Once you get approved by him, you will talk to me and learn all about what it takes to be a successful street rep!