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We Are Hiring

Data Support Specialist

at fitDEGREE

Application window is closed!
Thank you for your interest and look out for the next job listing by following fitDEGREE on LinkedIn!

Who We Are

fitDEGREE is the first studio intelligence platform to enter into the boutique fitness industry. We work with fitness business owners to help streamline their day to day operations. To do that, we focus on 3 things …

  1. 1. Creating an intuitive experience for their clients.
  2. 2. Providing actionable reports to make key decisions.
  3. 2. Offering reliable and transparent customer service.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for someone who has an affinity for Google Sheets and data in general but doesn’t mind hopping on a call to problem solve. This role will require minimal face-to-face interaction time but within that you will have to educate non-tech people, and perform on the fly critical thinking. If you’re looking for a career where the job task is predictable yet never gets stale, you’ve found the right place!

Requirements to Apply

  • No college degree or relevant experience necessary
  • Passion for people / business with strong communication skills
  • Preferable if you have experience in spreadsheets (i.e. Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel)

Skills We Want To See

Necessary Skills - You must have the ability to

  • Understand and leverage the fitDEGREE software (training to be provided)
  • Manipulate data in Google Sheets
  • Work in a remote environment and hold yourself accountable

Useful Skills - You will stick out if you …

  • Have mid-level experience in the G-Suite
  • Are detail oriented and organized (we are talking color coordinated calendar level!)
  • A problem solver who knows how to take a consultative approach to find the solution
  • Ability to be patient and empathetic along with a good sense of humor

What You Will Do Day-to-Day

  • Your #1 priority will be helping our clients be successful with their fitDEGREE data transfer. This involves transitioning their client list, credit card data, packages, and memberships from their current software to fitDEGREE via an import process that we have perfected over the last several years.
  • Becoming a keen, passionate expert in all things related to boutique fitness studio data. Our goal is for you to be able to take a consultative approach in getting our clients the best result possible in transitioning their data to our software.
  • Your #2 priority is to transition our current clients to our new merchant processor option. This will involve an internal data transfer process.
  • In your downtime, you will be asked to assist our support team in our aggregated ticketing system. The goal of answering tickets is to help you gain knowledge of how studios run their

Weekly Hour Week Breakdown -
8 hour days that includes 1 half hour break

  • The majority of your hours will be spent on data transfer tasks. Second to this will be support inbox time to help our team stay on top of the inbox. Third, you will have a weekly check in call with your supervisor to ensure all data transfers are on task and to talk about any unique scenarios that have come up in your week to collectively problem solve them in addition to a weekly check in call with our entire client facing team as well a weekly team bonding call among the entire fitDEGREE team.

Culture & Benefits of Choosing fitDEGREE

Work setup

  • We are remote! Live and work wherever you like. This role is time zone agnostic.
  • Need a laptop? We will provide you with the newest MacBook Pro.
  • Need a desk? Get up to $1,000 to set up your dream home office.


  • Paid Time Off: Unlimited. Guidelines to be shared in orientation.
  • Wellness: Up to $400 through our HRA program.

Networking and Professional Growth!

  • Weekly bonding with your team members
  • We encourage you to find continual education opportunities (that we will pay for!)

Ready To Apply

  • If you’re thinking: “This is totally for me!” then be sure to apply below.
  • We are accepting applications today with an expected start time of mid April 2023.
  • Starting salary for this position is $48,000 to $60,000 based on experience and expertise.
  • Bonuses and salary increases are issued based on your performance as well as the company’s health (that’s the startup life for you!) and addressed at the end of the year.
  • To ensure that you’ve read the entire page, when you click to apply, sneak in the word “fitFriend” before your time zone so that it reads “fitFriend is located in EST”.
  • We can’t wait to meet you!