Get back to fitness with the app designed for hybrid businesses

The world has changed, and fitness businesses have changed with it. If you’ve now got a hybrid model running two (or more!) businesses at the same time, you need software that’s affordable and efficient.

fitDEGREE has got your back.

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"fitDEGREE isn't just a software solution, they're a new team member"

Kyle Davis - Co-Owner NW Fitness Project


Manage Your
Studio Stress Free

Scheduling Made Easy

Reports to Help Grow Your Business

All-in-One Point of Sale

All the Bells and Whistles

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice functionality just so you can afford the software you need to run your business. fitDEGREE has everything you need to make your hybrid business run smoothly. We support all kinds of businesses in and out of the studio.

  • Flexible Streaming
  • Virtual Self-Check In
  • Multiple Cancellation Policies
  • Seamless integrations
  • Quick, Easy Payouts

The Perfect Pricing

With COVID on the rise, fitDEGREE handles both in-person and virtual models for one flat fee. That’s right: get all our advanced features for one low price so you can feel secure that you’re getting everything you need to run your fitness business—without having to choose between paying the bills or running your business.

  • $100 per month for all features
  • $200 with your own branded app

Software Designed for Your Unique Business

fitDEGREE was designed for studios and has evolved into the complete solution for hybrid businesses. When you stream classes, fitDEGREE automatically sends out your meeting links giving you a seamless management experience.

  • Monthly Memberships
  • Class Packs
  • Drop-Ins
  • In-Person
  • Virtual
  • One-on-One Sessions

Build a Community

Foster authentic relationships through our Member Mobile App. Members can add friends, see which classes friends are attending and even invite those who aren't registered yet!

Empower Members to Grow Your Community

Let your studio be the talk of the town. At the touch of a button, members can share classes to invite new friends and grow your community!

Support the Growing Community

Need to inform your members of something? Have a new smoothie recipe to share? Post announcements directly to your members keeping them up to date and engaged, from anywhere.

Businesses We Serve

Group Fitness
Personal Training

The best part?
One flat fee for all of our features
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Flat transaction rate

$80 a month

$100 a month

For everything we have!

For everything we have!

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