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We make studio management software for yoga studios.

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You’re a studio owner with a unique brand. You need a user-friendly client management software that works for you and your studio without having to stretch your budget. And wouldn’t it be great to have software that actually supports the growth of your studio?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Myranda of Peace Love Yoga, "fitDEGREE has been an amazing addition to our studio. Having amazing customer service, they have been eager to help resolve any issue the moment it happens. That has alleviated a lot of the stress of opening up a new studio. They’re awesome!!"

Christy of Premier Fitness,"fitDEGREE has designed amazing scheduling software and taken the administrative burden of running my studio, off my shoulders. Hallelujah!!!"


Why fitDEGREE?

We don’t have you bend over backwards to make your management software work for you. We offer a simpler way to manage your studio.

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All-in-One Platform Accessed From Anywhere

Scheduling, memberships, punch passes, reliable POS, retail, payroll, and reports you can actually understand––all in one platform! You can backup, share, and store your data from anywhere.


Built-In Referral Marketing

Harness ultimate customer loyalty with easy, one-click sharing for your members to schedule, post, and message about their fitness experiences with family and friends. Members not only have the ability to share their fitness experiences but they can also use fitDEGREE as a social networking platform to make friends, see what classes they’re attending, and encourage each other to come to class.


Software as Personalized as Your Studio

Use the software to create a personalized onboarding experience for your studio and, if you want, your own branded mobile and kiosk app–– all with your own personal customer service rep.


FREE Business Success Course

For Yoga Studio Owners

Owning a yoga studio isn’t like running any other business out there. We like to keep things simple and easy to manage, yet profitable—so you can keep on living a life you love. This do-it-yourself was designed with the success of the yoga studio owner in mind.

What does success mean to you?

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