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But how do you achieve profitability? It’s not a mystery: the answer is increased foot traffic to your studio. The more people that you can get in the door at your studio, the more people you’ll make happy and convince to keep coming back.

What you need is fitness studio software that works as hard for you as you do at an affordable price. You need it to be user-friendly, reliable, and easily shareable. You need fitDEGREE.

Studio Management

One of the most important pieces to running a successful barre studio is logistics. Even the most devout customers can’t come to your classes if they can’t figure out when and where they are! This is why smart scheduling is at the core of the fitDEGREE app. With fitDEGREE, your members will know exactly where and when your classes are, every time. Add seamless member check-in, an intuitive interface for you, easy billing for any business model, and visual reporting for all the metrics you care most about, and you’ve got the ultimate barre studio management software for your business.

Referral + Social Experience

So, you’re an amazing instructor and your business skills are excellent, but there’s still one problem left that all small businesses face: attracting new customers and keeping them. With fitDEGREE, we understand that some of the most important marketing for your business doesn’t even come from you. It comes from your customers and their social media experience. That’s why we offer powerful social and referral tools that help grow your reach and beat out the competition. Through fitDEGREE, your members can invite their friends to attend classes, boost your attendance, and improve their own accountability. They can also share their experiences through the fitDEGREE app on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Marketing + Sales

Beyond the grassroots social media marketing tools fitDEGREE offers, we’re also dedicated to helping your business grow by boosting your existing marketing and sales strategy. Got a website? fitDEGREE helps there too. By integrating with your website, fitDEGREE makes signups a breeze. The same goes for any automated reminders and welcome emails you need to send. Want to offer physical or digital gift cards? All easily done with fitDEGREE.

The fitFam Experience

What if you already have a barre studio management software and you’re thinking of switching to fitDEGREE? First of all, good idea. Second, apps like Mindbody make you think switching will be a catastrophe. But no, that’s just wrong. In just 48 hours, with no work required from you, we’ll convert all your business and user information into fitDEGREE and even notify your customers via email about your wise choice to upgrade to our software. Welcome to the fitFAM

Learn how Kimberly Morin of Anchor Barre Wellness Studio Taunton,Massachusetts uses fitDEGREE to save money and set up her business for

Anchor Barre wellness studio success story

The best part?
Simple pricing, no decisions!
(We offer one price for all of our features)






Flat transaction rate

$100 per month

$100 a month

For everything we have!

For everything we have!






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Schedule a demo now and enjoy your 45 day trial.

What makes us different

We’re proud to provide barre studio owners with more than just your everyday fitness scheduling software app. We’re committed to offering you all the features you need and the excellent customer service you deserve at a price you can afford.

Competitive + Transparent Pricing

Apps like Mindbody can cost an arm and a leg for just the basics, and monthly rates for Mindbody can reach as high as $350 before any of the other 5,000 things they charge you for. That doesn’t seem right. But then other apps that cost $50 are just glorified, electronic clipboards, and offer practically nothing valuable to your business. Hmm, that doesn’t seem right either. But with fitDEGREE, monthly pricing starts at $100. And for just $200 a month, you get your own branded app!  Even at our $200 monthly rate, that’s still less than half of what you pay for a branded app with apps like Minbody. And that’s before we start to talk about fee structures..

So let’s talk fee structures, shall we? While apps like Mindbody may include HUNDREDS of different hidden fees and bizarre billing contingencies, we believe in honesty and transparency. Ready for our rates? Pretty simple: 2.75% + 30 cents for card swipe or 2.9% + 30 cents for credit key (think mobile or website pay) and then $20 for chargebacks and retrievals. Yep, that’s it. No attorneys required to translate the fine print. No end of month surprise bills.

The fitFAM Experience

as a part of fitDEGREE, you’re a member of our fitFAM. We care about your success and make your business our first priority. Yes, there are cheaper softwares out there, but they don’t come close to offering the quality of service you get with us. Ever taken an issue up with your fitness scheduling software, only to find you’re talking to AI? As part of the fitFAM, you gain access to your own living, breathing personal customer care representative. A real, live person. Not a robot.

As we mentioned, the 48-hour conversion process to fitDEGREE is a piece of cake. Once you’re part of the fitFAM, you’re treated like family, and we protect your privacy accordingly. We’re partnered with trusted companies like AWS, Trilio, and Paytrix to keep your privacy safe and your information secured.

Social features

Welcome to the 21st century where nothing actually exists if you can’t find it on the internet. Fortunately, fitDEGREE makes existing—and thriving—on the internet possible. With fitDEGREE’s social features, your members can meet new friends, connect with you personally, find what classes they want to attend, and, most importantly, help bring others to class. Other apps like Mindbody don’t offer these features, and we’re proud to provide you with this powerful tool for your business.

Unlike the way large gyms treat their customers, you understand that your members are like your family, and with fitDEGREE’s social features, you can form your fitness brand into a legitimate community. We’re here to help you grow your barre studio into a family that you’ll be proud of.

These days, exercise and great fitness are valued as status symbols, so help your members brag about that great condition they’ve achieved through their hard work at your studio. With fitDEGREE, your members can post about the amazing class they just got out of through Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. For you, that’s free advertising. With fitDEGREE, your members can invite non-members to class right through the app, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you integrate with?

We integrate with Mailchimp and ClassPass

How long does it take me to get set up on your system? If I wanted to switch today, how long would it take?

We can have your account created within 5 minutes of being on the phone. Now it’s about how fast YOU want to be set up. It takes most people about a week to get comfortable in the new system but if we put the pedal to the floor you could be up and running the next day.

Is that really all it costs?

Yes! There are no hidden costs associated with signing up for fitDEGREE. After your initial setup fee, you will have a single monthly fee and a flat payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

Do I really get all the features for just $80 per month?

Yes! You will get all of the features with no limitations for $80 per month when you sign up for the year. If you would like to go month to month with no contract, it will be only $100 per month.

Do you offer a branded app?

Yes! For an additional $100 per month you will have your very own branded app on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’re hesitant to start with the branded app, you can always add this later!

How frequently do you payout the Studio from Payment Processing?

At the end of every day. If someone pays you on Monday you will see it in your bank account on Wednesday.

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