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Studio Management

Traditional scheduling is a massive pain, and trying to use emails or calendar apps will get wildly out of hand when you have even a couple of members. What you need is a smart scheduling Pilates Studio Management Software that makes customer scheduling a breeze. fitDEGREE makes check-in simple, vital statistics easy to access, and offers billing options for any business model as straightforward as possible. Your job is hard enough as it is; fitDEGREE helps make it easier.

Referral + Social Experience

One of the biggest challenges to running a great Pilates Studio is “getting and keeping clients” (source). At fitDEGREE, we understand competition can be intense for Pilates Studio members, so we offer powerful social and referral tools to increase your brand awareness and member retention. With our software, members can easily invite their friends to come to classes, helping you to improve both attendance and member accountability.

Marketing + Sales

In addition to our social features, we offer support for your existing sales and marketing strategy. fitDEGREE can integrate with your website for easy and fast signups, automate welcome and reminder emails, and even allow you to offer physical and digital gift cards.

On top of that, fitDEGREE allows your members to easily share their class experiences over social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. For you, more social media presence means free marketing and greater brand awareness.

The best part?
Simple pricing, no decisions!
(We offer one price for all of our features)






Flat transaction rate

$100 a month

$100 a month

For everything we have!

For everything we have!






Get your own Branded App

Get started today!
Schedule a demo now and enjoy your 45 day trial.

Learn how Anna Elkins of White Mountain Pilates Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ uses fitDEGREE to save money and set up her business for

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you integrate with?

We integrate with Mailchimp and ClassPass

How long does it take me to get set up on your system? If I wanted to switch today, how long would it take?

We can have your account created within 5 minutes of being on the phone. Now it’s about how fast YOU want to be set up. It takes most people about a week to get comfortable in the new system but if we put the pedal to the floor you could be up and running the next day.

Is that really all it costs?

Yes! There are no hidden costs associated with signing up for fitDEGREE. After your initial setup fee, you will have a single monthly fee and a flat payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

Do I really get all the features for just $80 per month?

Yes! You will get all of the features with no limitations for $80 per month when you sign up for the year. If you would like to go month to month with no contract, it will be only $100 per month.

Do you offer a branded app?

Yes! For an additional $100 per month you will have your very own branded app on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’re hesitant to start with the branded app, you can always add this later!

How frequently do you payout the Studio from Payment Processing?

At the end of every day. If someone pays you on Monday you will see it in your bank account on Wednesday.

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