fitDEGREE is a smart, agile, and most importantly RESPONSIVE company, with an outstanding dedication to customer service. The intuitive nature of the user experience from both a client and staff end is head and shoulders above all the competition I have used/researched. I strongly suggest fitDEGREE for studio schedule management, not just because they meet your needs now, but because they are willing to listen and find out what your needs are going to be and work to meet those too. FitDEGREE isn't just a software solution, they are a new team member.

NW Fitness Project

Great customer service. A business that works to ensure we are working fluidly. This tool has been great for me and my users. Prior to the pandemic, the customer service was top-notch, so now it's even BETTER! They always respond quickly and work to make the necessary changes. I appreciate the constant updates and changes made to the platform in order to streamline our processes. The reporting as aspect can still use some work but functions great for what I need now and does give me a great view of my business. This platform is EASY to use and understand both our end and user end. I can see a lot more positive changes happening in the future and do not regret jumping on board with this smaller company.

Bay Ohm Yoga

I was nervous to make the switch from MBO because we had used it for so long but am so happy I did! Not only has fitDEGREE saved me money, it's making our sign in process much more efficient allowing teachers more time to interact with the students! Any questions that have come up, the fitDEGREE team have quickly answered for me making this transition to our new norm as seamless as possible.

I Am Yoga PGH

Excellent customer service! Nick is awesome and always there with a quick response. FitDEGREE has a family feel, they are reliable and the software is easy to use. I love their vibe and have so much peace knowing they have my back and are trustworthy. I have loved using fitDEGREE for my small Pilates business!

White Mountain Pilates AZ

It’s user friendly on all sides. It helps us focus on our client experience. It added systems & ease to running our business. The support/customer service staff is prompt & stellar!

FIERCE by Choice

fitDegree is a wonderfully functional, affordable and social app. Beyond that, it is backed by a team that truly cares about their clients and provides top notch customer service. I would recommend this app to anyone with a fitness business looking to make client booking, employee scheduling and financial tracking simple and cost effective.

Anchor Barre

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So how do you make the most out of your business using gym membership software? The answer is simple: more foot traffic. The more people that make it to your door, the more eyes on the quality of your service. More visibility means greater volume, and greater volume means more revenue to make your business even better! fitDEGREE is here to make that process easier with our reliable, intuitive, user-friendly software.

Studio Management

Without good logistics and support, even the best trainer is not going to be successful. Think about it: if your members can’t figure out when your classes are, how are they supposed to show up? At the core of fitDEGREE is our smart scheduling software. Smart scheduling makes sure scheduling confusion is a thing of the past and makes it easy for members to sign up, check in, and see when your classes are. On top of that, fitDEGREE makes billing seamless and provides you with all the reports, metrics, and statistics that tell you exactly what your business needs.

Referral + Social Experience

In addition to business analytics, fitDEGREE offers you the tools you need to grow your social media awareness. Social media is an integral part of our everyday lives, and ignoring it as a business tool is a fatal mistake. That’s why fitDEGREE offers powerful social tools to make the most out of your referral and social efforts. After all, social media advertising is virtually free compared to traditional marketing, and since it comes from your members, it’s also a more trustworthy, organic source of information to potential customers.

Through fitDEGREE, your members can share their experiences through popular social media programs like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, meaning your studio will be trending in no time! Your members can also communicate with you and each other through the app. They can also invite their friends to attend, which means improved accountability for them, and greater attendance for your classes!

Marketing + Sales

Apart from our powerful social tools, fitDEGREE also provides you with the means to optimize your current sales and marketing strategy. fitDEGREE will integrate with your website, making new member sign ups as easy as possible. With fitDEGREE, you can also send out automated welcome emails and class reminders, as well as offer physical and digital gift cards. Isn’t it time you upgraded your business?

The fitFam Experience

If you’re already using a fitness studio app, then no doubt you’ve been comparing us to them. You’re likely thinking switching to fitDEGREE could be a good idea (it definitely is, by the way) but you’re wondering if it will be difficult, because whoever you’re with makes leaving them seem like a nightmare. Fortunately, that’s just not true. In just 48 hours, fitDEGREE will migrate you over to our incredible team, with no work required from you. Other alternatives can take forever or require tons of work on your end, but no, not with fitDEGREE. The fitFAM is our top-notch customer service team, and your success is our priority number 1.

Learn how Kyle Davis and Matt Holland of Northwest Fitness Project of Northend Seattle uses fitDEGREE to save money and set up their business for

GROUP FITNESS studio story

The best part?
Simple pricing, no decisions!
(We offer one price for all of our features)






Flat transaction rate

$100 per month

$100 a month

For everything we have!

For everything we have!






Get your own Branded App

Get started today!
Schedule a demo now and enjoy your 45 day trial.

What Makes Us Different

We’re dedicated going above and beyond to provide group fitness studio owners with everything they need to run an amazing business, at a price you can afford.

Competitive + Transparent Pricing

Other apps can be expensive. Very expensive. Like, up to $350 per month before all the additional fees they tend to surprise you with at the end of the month. They might have some features, but then again, they probably also have about 1,000 different kinds of strange, pricey incidental charges that you don’t remember signing up for. On the other hand, some fitness scheduling apps cost $50 a month, but work about as well as an unplugged treadmill (lots of work from you). At fitDEGREE, we believe both of those situations don’t make sense.

That’s why fitDEGREE starts at $100 per month. At an upgraded $200 per month, we provide you with your own branded app, a powerful tool for building brand equity with your business. But what about those obnoxious fee structures the other guys have? We believe in keeping it simple and honest. So, with fitDEGREE, we charge 2.75% + 30 cents for card swipe or 2.9% + 30 cents for credit key (think mobile or website pay) and then $20 for chargebacks and retrievals. This way, you know exactly what you’re signing up for. No contract attorneys required.

And once you’re part of the fitFAM, you gain access to your own personal customer care representative. Yes, that’s a real, live person to help you with everything fitDEGREE. A person. Not a robot.

Social features: Social media is here to stay, and it’s only growing in importance. Like the kids say, if it’s not on the internet, does it even exist? That’s why fitDEGREE makes thriving on the internet possible. With our powerful social tools, your members can personally connect with you, talk to each other, figure out what great classes they can attend, and of course invite others to come to class. Other studio management softwares don’t offer these features, and we’re proud to provide them to you!

Central to all of this is the idea that your gym is more than just an exercise occasion; it’s a community. The more you bring your members together, the greater the strength of your brand. When your gym is more than the sum of its parts, you can bet your members will be begging for more. They’ll be bragging about their excellent experiences with your classes, and with fitDEGREE, they can post right through the app. That’s free advertising for you!

The fitFAM Experience

The fitFAM Experience: Once you’re with us, you’re family. With the fitFAM, we care about your success and the safety of your business. We’re partnered with trusted companies like AWS, Trilio, and Paytrix to keep your privacy safe and your information secured. Whether you’re a first-timer with fitness scheduling software or switching from other apps, we’ll make sure all your vital data and user information is imported over in just 48 hours. We’ve got you covered.

Our service starts at just $100 per month, with a one-time start-up fee of $100. Once you’re in, you get access to your fitFAM personal customer care rep, our OnTheGo Business App, social features, all the vital business reports and statistics you could ever need, and our smart scheduling system for classes and one-on-ones.

At an upgraded $200 per month, with a one-time $300 development fee, you get your own branded app. Through your branded app, your members can login directly with your schedule and won’t see any other businesses. It’s an extremely powerful way to establish your own unique brand! If your business operates in multiple locations, we’ve got you covered there, too. Schedule a demo today and ask about how you can save at this level with multiple fitSpots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you integrate with?

We integrate with Mailchimp and ClassPass

How long does it take me to get set up on your system? If I wanted to switch today, how long would it take?

We can have your account created within 5 minutes of being on the phone. Now it’s about how fast YOU want to be set up. It takes most people about a week to get comfortable in the new system but if we put the pedal to the floor you could be up and running the next day.

Is that really all it costs?

Yes! There are no hidden costs associated with signing up for fitDEGREE. After your initial setup fee, you will have a single monthly fee and a flat payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

Do I really get all the features for just $80 per month?

Yes! You will get all of the features with no limitations for $80 per month when you sign up for the year. If you would like to go month to month with no contract, it will be only $100 per month.

Do you offer a branded app?

Yes! For an additional $100 per month you will have your very own branded app on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’re hesitant to start with the branded app, you can always add this later!

How frequently do you payout the Studio from Payment Processing?

At the end of every day. If someone pays you on Monday you will see it in your bank account on Wednesday.

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