“At Breathe Yoga our joy and passion is helping our students to learn to connect more deeply with their body, mind, heart, and spirit through breath and through movement.”

Autumn Amoroso is the Owner and Founder of Breathe Yoga.Since 1992, she has been practicing yoga and is continually learning and training to create the safest and most accessible practice for every one of her students. It’s been said that her calming and inviting presence makes her students feel welcome and at ease as soon as they step foot into her studio.

Along with running her business, Autumn is a certified E-RYT-200 yoga instructor, Lead Teacher and Director of the Breathe Yoga 200-Hour Registered Yoga School, a Reiki practitioner, and a Mindfulness Meditation coach.

At Robert Morris University, Autumn majored in Psychology, and she has specific training in working with and teaching yoga and meditation to those who have disabilities and mental illnesses.

Autumn’s always had a vision that people of every age, size and ability can practice yoga and/or mediation, and at Breathe Yoga she has created exactly this space.

 “My big dream in life is that every single person on earth practices yoga or meditation for at least 10 minutes a day. I truly believe if people find that inner peace and outer awareness, there would be no war.”

Creating A Space

For quite some time, Autumn felt like there was something that she could offer that wasn’t being offered in her area.Through countless conversations with other parents in her neighborhood, she learned that the super specific forms of yoga being offered at countless studios turned many people in her community off of the modality.

They wanted a place where they wouldn’t feel intimidated or insecure. They wanted the space Autumn had always envisioned people of every age, size and ability practicing yoga and/or mediation.

The people Autumn serves were seeking a soft and calming space, without judgment.

Which is exactly the community she fostered!

Yoga Without Judgment

Exercising in public can be a daunting task for even the fittest people. This is why Autumn and her team of teachers are passionate about creating a judgement-free zone where they provide community-based yoga and meditation for everybody.

Because their community is so welcoming,people almost immediately form friendships with one another. Nothing makes Autumn feel better than when her students realize her studio is a safe space where they can connect with others in what she believes is the best atmosphere ever. 

Like many in holistic and traditional medicine, Autumn and her team know the transformative power that yoga has on the body, mind and spirit.

They offer a range of classes so that young and old, fit and not-so-fit, parent and child can all find the style that works for them in small, crowd-free classes.

When she started her business, Autumn had no expectations. She didn’t want to over-crowd her studio because she valued the connection between her and her students over the numbers.

“Many people that come to Breathe Yoga come because they don’t feel like a number.They feel like it’s a special space and they’re connecting not only with other students but with their teachers.” 

Autumn and her team laugh at themselves during their practice and pride themselves on teaching yoga in a chill way so that every student leaves their class feeling longer, stronger, lighter, freer, and more centered, connected, and empowered. 

Why fitDEGREE?

In the past, Autumn was disappointed with the fact that if she had issues with other apps, no one was ever available. It felt like they didn’t have a customer service agent, and to her that left her feeling weird.

 “I love that with fitDEGREE you could literally email someone and get a reply, or a phone call, almost immediately.” 

She knew she needed business software, and she just wanted it to be easy so she could focus on teaching. 

“Most people don’t have time for foolishness,”she said. “They want to get into the class as quickly as possible.”

This is why she likes the efficiency of fitDEGREE because it aligns with her goal of “one-click ease”. She wants potential students to be able to click on her website and book a class without having any issues from start to finish. 

“That to me is the most important thing because that is the connection between random strangers and our studio. I want that transition to be really smooth.” 

That said, the whole business side of Breathe Yoga is not Autumn’s strong suit. She’s a teacher at heart, so for her she appreciates how easy fitDEGREE makes running the tech side of her business. It allows her to keep things simple so she can focus on teaching and serving her community. 

Breathe Yoga: What’s next?

Autumn is happy to offer online teacher trainings while her community practices social distancing. As Breathe Yoga makes this transition, online connection will be the most important thing for her to focus on. 

“I want to get yoga to the people, and I don’t care how. Whatever mode it takes, it takes.”

Whether Autumn is offering in person or onlineclasses, one thing is certain:Breathe Yoga is the place to come as you are.Whether you’re an old pro or a newcomer, you will find a class that fits yourwants and needs perfectly!  

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