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Barre studio owners face a unique challenge as they build their business. They must create a space for their customers’ health, wellness, and fitness, but also grow their business in a competitive market. In addition to building an environment that keeps customers coming back for more and helps employees do their best, entrepreneurs must also manage all the financials associated with running a business, a truly difficult task. But you, fearless leader, are more than capable of rising to the occasion! Beyond your tireless work ethic and business-savvy mindset, the numbers are there: barre studio participant numbers in the US are projected at 3.5 million-plus annually and in general the boutique fitness has experienced growth of more than 120% growth in the past 5 years. With a growing market and the ability of a successful barre studio to generate $3,600 in profit per week, the numbers don’t lie: this is good business!

Staff Management

Individual profiles for each staff member with role permissions and payroll reporting.


ClassPass, Mailchimp, Lendflow, Skipio and more. Best of breed is our motto.

Member Mobile App

iPhone or Android? Doesn’t matter, we got you covered with both App Stores.

Personalized Setup & Dedicated Support

Personalized setup and training with your own dedicated Customer Success Manager!

But how do you achieve profitability? It’s not a mystery: the answer is increased foot traffic to your studio. The more people that you can get in the door at your studio, the more people you’ll make happy and convince to keep coming back.
What you need is fitness studio software that works as hard for you as you do at an affordable price. You need it to be user-friendly, reliable, and easily shareable. You need fitDEGREE. fitDEGREE is a barre studio management software for barre studio owners who understand that the fitness business is the right place to be. With fitDEGREE, you get the most out of your business with the least amount of technological hardship.

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