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Dance studios are bringing a little more movement and joy to the world these days, and we’re grateful. But these spaces aren’t simply about the dancing, they’re businesses. Over the last five years, overall dance studio industry revenue has steadily increased by approximately 4.6% according to This is good business! But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Entrepreneurship is hard, we get that. The least we could do was give the entrepreneurs who give us these amazing containers for expression and fun was to make their lives a little bit easier with software that’s simple to use.

Staff Management

Individual profiles for each staff member with role permissions and payroll reporting.

Community Building

Members can make friends on the app, see who is going to class and invite those who aren’t.

Live Streaming

Make your studio accessible from anywhere. With our Zoom Integration provide live workouts or classes to your members.

Member Mobile App

iPhone or Android? Doesn’t matter, we got you covered with both App Stores.

Point of Sales

Manage, track and secure every payment through one system. Autopay, drop-ins and retail.

fitDEGREE is a dance studio management software for barre studio owners love their work and want a simple way to manage their businesses. With fitDEGREE, you can manage schedules, payments, and communication with just a a few clicks on your smart phone. (And so can your students!)

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