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As a Pilates Studio owner, you face daily challenges as you help your members reach their fitness goals and keep them accountable to their wellness. At the same time, you’re working to manage a successful business. As you know by now, this is no small feat. Then again, if growing a great business was easy, anyone could do it. The Pilates Studio market share accounts for roughly 40% of the $6.2 billion Pilates and Yoga industry in the US. This means the Pilates industry is big business: with around $2.5 billion dollars in annual Pilates-related revenue produced in the United States, you are in the right place to succeed, studio owner! But you, brilliant Pilates entrepreneur, already know that, don’t you? You have a vision, and we’re here to help you get there! According to one study, half of people following a wellness routine are more likely to stick with it when they have a class or teacher holding them accountable. That means by connecting people and bringing them together in your classes, you’re not just helping them reach their goals—you’re growing an amazing business.

Staff Management

Individual profiles for each staff member with role permissions and payroll reporting.


ClassPass, Mailchimp, Lendflow, Skipio and more. Best of breed is our motto.

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iPhone or Android? Doesn’t matter, we got you covered with both App Stores.

So, you have the vision for wellness, and you know that your customers need what you offer. Now how do you turn that into a profitable Pilates studio? Simple answer: get people in the door. Driving new foot traffic is essential for your business growth, and the more people coming into your studio means new opportunities to grow and nurture your community. Know what else you need to make this happen? Systems and processes. You will make these things happen with Pilates fitness studio software that’s both affordable and reliable. Add in an intuitive interface on an easily-shareable platform and you’ve got fitDEGREE. fitDEGREE is a Pilates Studio Management Software designed to optimize Pilates Studio owners’ experiences in managing, growing, and maintaining an excellent studio.

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