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Yoga studio owners face unique challenges as they bridge the space between health, fitness, wellness, and — of course — entrepreneurship. Managing the financials, leading a team of yogis, and creating a practice that keeps people coming through the doors is no simple feat. But you, you fearless practitioner are up for the task! And, of course, fitDEGREE is here to help with the management of your yoga studio. There are the naysayers out there who think yoga studios can’t be profitable businesses, but the numbers say otherwise. Yoga, in fact, is big business in the U.S. There are around 55 million people practicing yoga in the United States (source) and the average yogi spends $62,640 over their lifetime on classes, workshops, and accessories — or nearly $90 per month. They practice regularly, with a majority (44%) going 2-3 times a week.

Staff Management

Individual profiles for each staff member with role permissions and payroll reporting.


ClassPass, Mailchimp, Lendflow, Skipio and more. Best of breed is our motto.

Member Mobile App

iPhone or Android? Doesn’t matter, we got you covered with both App Stores.


Eliminate digging through spreadsheets. Get impactful KPIs in easy-to-digest reports.

fitDEGREE is a yoga studio management software for yoga studio owners tapping into this robust and growing market. We help yoga studio owners get the most out of their businesses with the least amount of hassle. Studies show that 47% of people are more likely to maintain a wellness routine when held accountable by a class or teacher, so the more you can connect people to support one another, the more people you can get through your doors. We pride ourselves in providing yoga studio owners with way more than just a fitness scheduling software app. We keep prices low and our commitment to customer service high.

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