“I created my studio to encourage people to come as they are. We are a community of people getting healthy together.”

Jennifer Hardwick started her business after her own health diagnosis of an autoimmune disease left her looking for change. She was overweight at the time and determined to learn the tools she needed to lose weight and take her health into her own hands.

That experience was truly a life changing one; Jennifer decided to leave her career in the medical field and open her own fitness and nutrition studio so that she could help others with their own health journeys.

She became a NASM certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and also a nutrition consultant before opening the doors to her studio in July of 2013.

“We all have different goals, different bodies, and different relationships with fitness and food. It's all about empowering people in the right now with what they know and building from there.”

After a period of consistently attending Barre classes, Kimberly eventually became an instructor in 2013. An email asking for new instructors one day sparked her interest. She showed up to the audition, assuming they would never take her on. But when she walked into the room, the studio owners became infinitely excited and motivated her to take on the instructor position as a challenge-in-stride.

Flash forward nearly eight years and Jennifer is still dedicated to serving those that don't feel comfortable going to a gym due to their lack of confidence or previous/current injuries. This aligns beautifully with her mission to bring confidence, knowledge, and choices to people who want to get healthier, but don’t know where to start.

Learning To Pivot

From COVID-19 to the California Wildfires, 2020 was the catalyst that taught Jennifer how to pivot.

“The amount of pivoting we have done this year is crazy to think about; however, I am happy and proud to say... We never closed once!”

All throughout 2020, Perfect Union remained open in one way or another. After just one day of mandated shut down, Perfect Union had set up virtual classes and was operational the very next day.

For Jennifer, it was easy to pivot because she knew people were counting on her to keep them healthy and sane during 2020. She believes that, as a studio owner, there is so much gratification when you see people transform their lives right in front of you and she doesn't want to see her clients regress and lose all of the progress they’ve made.

So she did what any studio owner with grit would do… She kept going.

“Community for us is creating a supportive environment. People become family here. We all know one another, we cheer each other on, and accept each person for where they are at in their journeys.”

Making the Switch

Why fitDEGREE?

Jennifer was tired of paying so much money for features from other studio management softwares that she would never use. Perfect Union classes were designed to be an intimate experience and because the classes are always capped at eight clients, the ability to sign-up and reserve class space has been extremely important to her business model.

Making the switch to fitDEGREE was easy for Jennifer because she, “loved paying for the features that I use on a daily basis with a price tag I could afford.”

What’s Next for Perfect Union?

Jennifer is determined to bring as much healing and happiness to as many people as she can in 2021 and beyond.

Whether Jennifer is offering in person or online classes, you can be sure that you are welcome to attend no matter your experience or confidence, and whether you're injured or able-bodied. Perfect Union is a community-driven studio that is there to lead you in the right direction and champion your successes!

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