Episode 6 - From the Court to the Mat with The Grateful Yogini

Gretchen offers many specialized programs at her studio. One of these programs, and the meat of our show today, is using yoga to up the mental and physical game of elite athletes. Being a multiple sport athlete herself, Gretchen understands the nuanced variables that help athletes keep their edge.

Instagram: @grateful_yogini

Website: https://gratefulyogini.com/

Best way to reach her: gretchen@gratefulyogini.com

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Episode 5 - More Than Just Great Cheer with Amber Brackett

Today on the show we brought on Amber Bracket from More Than Just Great Cheer. Amber grew up a competitive cheerleader, went to school for law and even began her practice. After a few years, she walked into a dance studio and the rest was history. She soon partnered with the owner and has since opened a second location with the third on the way. Amber is here with us today to tell us about her CBS Model for other businesses.

Instagram: @coachamber_

Website: http://www.morethanjustgreatcheer.com/

Best way to reach her: amber@morethanjustgreatcheer.com

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Episode 3 - Creating a Brand with The Tattooed Yogi

Although Justin Reilley is known as "The Tattooed Yogi", he was once a skateboarder and a practitioner of various martial arts before eventually earning his moniker in the yoga industry.

Given his widely known nickname, Justin is going to talk with us about building a brand both on a personal and professional level.

Instagram: @thetattooedyogi

Website: http://yoga-rebellion.com/

Best way to reach him: yogarebellion108@gmail.com

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Episode 2 - How a Nutritionist “Pays the Bills” with Julie Starr

If you’re passionate about nutrition, but wondering if it will pay the bills - listen in on how Julie was able to make a career out of it and even start a personal brand. Hopefully her experience can provide insight on what it takes to get started and how the possibilities of where to go are endless.

Instagram: @starryogabos

Website: http://www.starrlifestudios.com/

Best way to reach them: http://www.starrlifestudios.com/contact/

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